50 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Facebook Presence Today!

We'll admit it that Facebook isn't as new or sexy as it used to be but we tell our clients it's 100% worth your time. It has the biggest audience and Facebook shows no signs of slowing down in terms of new technology, updates, or expansions. 

Because Facebook is so crowded, it's not as easy to build an audience or stand out as it is on Instagram or Snapchat. But it is worth your time trying new and creative things. Here are 50 easy things you can do right now to increase your profile's visibility and reach.

1.  Update your profile and bio. Obvious we know, but it really is the easiest thing you can do. Make sure your picture is recent, relevant and not pixelated. Ensure all the 'About' fields are filled in, including websites and story. If someone is finding your page for the first time, you won't want to leave them underwhelmed- they likely won't give your page another chance.

2. Post consistently (at least once to three times daily). We're starting off simple here people. Not only is your page more likely to be seen from the news feed but people will see that you're an active page when they visit your homepage.  

3. Think about your brand and your themes. This should be done for any social channel or communication points. Ideally, any brand, blog, or social channel will have 2-4 themes. It allows people with similar interests to find you, your followers are getting what they want in terms of content, and it makes it easier for you. If you find a Facebook page that is full of random gif's, news articles, political rants, and baby photos- you're going to leave quickly, right? Look at some other pages you follow, you want to emulate, or that you think are doing especially well, and look at their themes. Then take some time to think about what your followers want and what you want to say. It shouldn't be that complicated and the first couple of themes should come easy. Need some more inspiration? Look at our Facebook where we talk about food, entrepreneurship, local, and community through food.

4. Ask for help or for feedback. You might be surprised how much more engagement you get when you simply ask for it. Ask for feedback on a blog post you wrote, something you're thinking about, or on a photo. 

5. Avoid auto posting and scheduling if you can. There's some been debate as to whether scheduling or auto posting is penalized by Facebook, as of now the consensus seems to be that you won't but if you're on Facebook engaging, you might as well post right from the platform too.

6. Link your Instagram to your Facebook. This might not boost your reach or followers but it will give you a more robust and well-rounded page. Plus you're giving your Instagram content more life by featuring it on your Facebook page. Get the Instagram page on your Facebook here

7.  Share the love by sharing links. Not only have links been found to trump photos with captions in terms of engagement and reach but it can be a great way to support other pages and build relationships. Share links from like-minded pages or blogs and make sure to take them! Look for ones that are around the same size or slightly bigger (in audience), they're likely in the same place as you in terms of trying to grow- they'll be likely to be eager to engage!

8. Engage, engage, and then engage some more. Just like any social page, you're boosting your visibility and reach by commenting, sharing, and liking other pages. Other accounts may simply find your page and decide to follow because of the content while others might see a mutually beneficially partnership.

9. Get some reviews. Not only are reviews a great way to gain valuable feedback, engage with your audience but there is evidence that it can increase your visibility on the news feed too.

10. Upload a Live Video. Facebook is pushing its live videos aggressively which means if you take a live video it is likely to rank higher in the feeds of your followers than a photo or regular video. 

11. Invest in sponsored posts or ads. If you're looking to get a specific message out like an event or sale then a promoted post is likely the way to go. But we've found that nothing beats Facebook ads when you want to build followers for your page.

12. Link to your Facebook page or profile everywhere. That means in your email signature, on your business cards, and on your blog. Make sure people can click to your Facebook page from every page on your blog!

13. Share video content. Although a live video is your best chance at getting as many viewers as possible (for free) it's not always easy. If you need to re-purpose content then video is your best choice and even better is something with subtitles so that people scrolling their feed at work don't have to turn on their sound.

14. Share something personal. People respond to the personal side of your business or blog. Take time to highlight your employees, the reason your brand does what it does, or what makes you tick. If you're worried it might be too personal maybe get a few second opinions first!

15. Use the 30/30/30 rule. Ok technically this isn't a rule but you should come up with your own ration. It should be something like this:

  • 30% of posts should be content that provides value to followers
  • 30% of posts should be events or news that is relevant to followers
  • 30% of posts should be personalized or tell a story
  • 10% of posts should be straight forward promotions or sales messages

16. Organise a contest/giveaway. Even bloggers can do something as simple as giving away a cake or a consultation. The rule of thumb is that the easier it is to enter (ie. 'Simply like this photo to enter!') the lower the quality of engagement (people will enter who won't engage with your brand again in the future) and the more steps there are to enter (ie. 'Show us a picture of your home baked pie using our ingredients!') the better quality of applicants. We always recommend starting off with simple contests or giveaways and making them more difficult as you grow, learning what works best for your brand as you go.

17. Collaborate with a brand. Don't be afraid to approach a brand that aligns with your own values and has a similar audience as you. For businesses, find a partner with a similar sized audience and ask if they want to partner on a give away or some fun videos. Bloggers don't be afraid to approach your favourite brands about giving away some product on your own site or collaborating on content!

18. Tell people how to engage. This might seem uncouth, too forward, or against Facebook policy but it's not! Tell people what you want them to do! Tag their friends, share the content, or leave a comment below!

19. Make use of your analytics. Spend some time on your dashboard finding out when your posts are most popular, what type of content gets the most engagement, and what the demographics are of your followers. All of this should help you with your planning your posting.

20. Plan your content. It might seem like a bit much for a smaller or personalised brand but a content calendar is immensely helpful for seeing the bigger picture. You'll see the frequency of repetition of messages, how your own story should unfold, and the chronology of your brand's posts.  Plus it can really help you plan out your photography so you can take batches of shots regularly instead of scrambling for photos or media every other day.

21. Make use of your newsletter. Marketing King Neil Patel says the secret to his high engagement on Facebook is sharing his Facebook posts in his newsletters, with specific instructions on how to share and like content. Don't be afraid to ask people to check out your content!

22. Push your Facebook page on your personal channel. You've likely built up a large circle of friends on Facebook on your personal page, make sure to share any branded content on there! Your friends are the most likely to share, promote, and content on the projects you're working on!

23. Go easy on the hashtags. We're actually not convinced that people are really using hashtags at all on Facebook but the data doesn't lie. 2 hashtags per post is the optimal amount, with any more being detrimental to your engagement. 

24. Shorten your posts. The data shows that the shorter the text on the post, the more engagement. This doesn't necessarily make sense for every post but it is something to keep in mind!

25. Use emoticons and ask followers to 'cap that'. Using emoticons and asking followers to caption your photos means they are statistically likely to have higher engagement then if they don't.

26. Ensure your Facebook page is giving different and unique content. It's tempting to just post links to your blog, your Instagram pictures, or screencaps from your Snapchat but you need to give your followers a reason to follow you on Facebook in addition to those other sources. Can you give a special discount or offer to your followers? Even better.

27. Be generous with your page likes. Just like any other social platform, the more you follow other pages, the more likely you are to gain more followers yourself. Make sure they're pages that make sense for your page and that you genuinely like!

28. Spend some money on photography. We recommend this to new businesses or anyone trying to build their own brand. A professional set of photos can help you with content for a year if they're high quality enough. People in photos 

29. Make use of gif's or stop motion videos. We love these because it's a great way to break through the noise while fairly simple to make. Our favourite app is the Stop Motion Studio App.

30. Create a photo album. The great thing about an album is that every time you add to it, the whole album appears on your follower's feeds. Have photos that are evergreen? Add them to an album so people are invited to click through all of them every time you add something.

31. Sign up for Facebook Instant Articles. This might not make sense for everyone but if you're able to create unique content for Facebook you will be rewarded with more visibility on the newsfeed. It takes some time to set up but it could be worth it for your brand. 

32. See what is working the best for similar pages (or pages of your competitors). We love Buzzsumo for this, simply type in the website of a competitor or a trending term and see what the most engaged content is. You can then use this information to plan your own content calendar. 

33. Embed your Facebook posts into your blog or website. Just like Instagram you can get the code to embed your posts into your website. Checkout a tutorial here. 

34. Keep your videos under 15 seconds long. They're more likely to be viewed and Facebook will allow you to 'Crosspost' or reuse the content multiple times.

35. Post some quotes. They work for a number of reasons: people are often looking for motivation or food for thought, they can read them quickly, and you can create them pretty quickly with an app like Canva

36. Post at optimal times. This is going to vary depending on the page so take a look at your analytics but typically the best times are on the weekends at 3pm on Saturday and 9am on Sunday.

37.  Create a Facebook list. Know who your most engaged followers are or some target brands or customers you want to engage with? Then create a list or two so that you can immediately see their updates and engage with them.

38. Check your messages and your spam box. It happens to us too, we miss messages. Once we asked people to message us and then missed more than 10 messages because they were in our 'other' mailbox.

39. Start a group. Just like Instagram, you can get increased engagement but starting a message group or private group solely to share and engage with other's content. Simply share your latest post to the group and everyone engages. 

40. Invite a guest poster. Yep, just like Instagram you can invite more traffic to your page by inviting someone to takeover, push content, or stream their own live video on your page. 

41. Tag your followers and people you want to connect with. Tagging someone or another brand is a great way to initiate conversation or demonstrate goodwill towards someone else. Just don't go overboard or it looks phony and insincere. 

42. Empower your followers. This might sound counter intuitive or bad business but we can assure you it's not. Share your trade secrets, knowledge, or key learnings By the time someone has learned to do what you told them and be able to do it well you'll have mastered something else. But you'll have gained a loyal follower who will likely share your page with someone else. 

43. Follow Facebook....on Facebook. No other page is going to offer better insights on great content, posting, and images then the makers of Facebook.

44. Also follow us on Facebook. Because well, we'll be sharing more great content like this!

45. Pin your best content. You want new visitors to see your best side when they visit your page right? Or maybe the most important message is an event that's coming up? Make sure to pin it to the top of your page.

46. Experiment with infographics. You're probably seeing a trend with content that is easy to absorb quickly and very visual. Nothing better than an infographic for that! Venngage is one site offering to help you create beautiful and simple infographics.

48. Don't be afraid to be colourful. Make sure it's tasteful but sounding different than everyone else out there can work in your favour. Just look at Thug Kitchen or even Wendy's

48. Recycle your best content. Don't be afraid to recycle old content, just make sure to give it a fresh intro with why it's still relevant and worth re-reading. (Even better- revise and update that content with more information!)

49. Check your Facebook ad dashboard. If you're a business, it's worth investing in an ad or two just to be able to review the dashboard. There's so much more analytics and insights into your audience and your budgets can be as small as $5.00 per post or ad. 

50. Hire a social media specialist. Maybe someone like us? That's right, it might be time to hand it over to someone else even for a while to learn some new practices, support growth, and allow you to focus on other areas of your business. Want to request some more information? Send us an email at hello@piquantmarketing.com!