The Basics of Influencer Marketing (And why you need to know it)

Some business and marketing experts predict that influencer marketing is going to explode this year and that as many as 84% of marketers plan on using it in their overall marketing plans. But we would argue that it's already arrived and that it's been officially mainstream for a few years now.

Let's look at the basics of influencer marketing.

Getting personal with Piquant Marketing Co-Founder & Marketing Director Lindsay O'Donnell

Lindsay, we have years working together behind us and now we’ve been through one big year together growing Piquant Marketing. You’d think we would know more than we ever wanted to know about each other after countless projects and late night texts, but I still have questions! I know you have great insight for other budding entrepreneurs out there and even some good reminders for me, so I’ve put together some questions so everyone can get to know you better.

Kristen Scharf
Bringing Kenyan Communities to the world through partnerships and storytelling with Rubie Ruth

I met Rubie years ago now when she led me around Kenya guiding me through tea farms, schools, markets, and the tireless work of Ubuntu. She is someone who works to bridge her community with the rest of the world and never stops investing in her home by offering others a hand up in their own enterprises. In all honesty I can't wait to get back to the Ubuntu cafe and watch her work. But for now we picked her brain a bit to learn that life on the other side of the world isn't always so different when it comes to marketing, business, and side hustles! 

Lindsay O'Donnell
Food Science, Business, and Passion with the Founders of Tempea

If you're thinking of taking your side-hustle full time or taking the leap into entrepreneurship then this interview is for you. Our clients Andrew and Ariela from Tempea talk about the beautiful journey of starting your own company, the very real challenges, and how sometimes the universe just lays things out for you.

Fair Trade and International Partnerships with Paul Bain of JusTea

We knew the minute we saw Justea on the shelves that we had to meet the founders. Paul Bain, one of the co-founders talked to us about how a local company here in Vancouver with international partnerships came to be and how it differs from other food businesses.

Here's What a Blogger Rate Sheet Should Have

One of the biggest trends in marketing right now involves working with 'Micro Influencers'. And the good news is that if you're reading this, you likely are one! If you're someone who is looking to work with brands on your social page then a rate sheet is a must! Since we've had a number of people ask us what should be on it, we're breaking it down for you!

Answering the Call with Chloe from Chloe's Countertop

One thing we love about the Chloe's Countertop brand is how real it is, like check your ego at the door and invite our fears in for a cup of coffee. It's a personal brand that seems so confident and yet so inviting, we wanted to know how Chloe created such a seamless and refreshing brand in a world of insta-perfection. 

The Digital Tools We Can't Live Without

Almost a year into our business we've found some key (and mostly free!) tools that really help us keep productivity up and the communication flowing. Some of these might not be surprising, what is surprising is how much they can support the growth of your business too. 

Talking Fitness, Branding, & Empowerment with Rebecca from Be Naturally Fit

Rebecca from Be Naturally Fit keeps us inspired and motivated through her website and social channels so we wanted to ask her how she's able to create such an authentic and strong brand, and what motivates her. We love her advice for getting started and how her own brand evolved organically!

Branding & Ambassadorships with Jordan Bruce

Ever wonder how Instagrammers become ambassadors? How are they finding these opportunities and what do they entail? We sat down with holistic nutritionist Jordan Bruce who has worked with several brands. We asked her to spill the beans and give us some tips on how you can be compensated through your social presence and what to expect when you're an official representative of a brand. 

Finding the Right Business Partner, The Most Important Decision You'll Make

Kristen and I get asked all the time about our business partnership which makes sense since you are likely to spend more time with your business partner than anyone else in your life for a while. Starting a business is a unique, amazing, and sometimes challenging journey. So what makes a successful partnership?

50 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Facebook Presence Today!

We'll admit it that Facebook isn't as new or sexy as it used to be but we tell our clients it's 100% worth your time. It has the biggest audience and Facebook shows no signs of slowing down in terms of new technology, updates, or expansions. Here are 50 easy things you can do right now to increase your profile's visibility and reach.

How to Take Stunning Food Photos with Pina from Coffee Campari Cannoli

Hi! I'm Pina from Coffee Campari Cannoli.  Since my blog is a reflection of my life, it mostly contains classic Italian food and desserts, or recipes with an Italian twist on them. Over time, I've developed my own food photography style and get many questions about my photos. I'm going to share some of my tips and tricks with you!

Vancity Virtual Potluck

We're excited to announce our very first #VancityVirtualPotluck! The idea is to connect local bloggers and chefs with each other and become a stronger voice together. Even if you're not a blogger,  you will be able to discover some of the incredible and talented food voices here in your own city coming together for one epic virtual feast!