Our 3rd #VancityVirtualPotluck Was A Success! And We’re Sharing Our Secrets!

That's a wrap on our latest event, the 3rd #VancityVirtualPotluck! Our digital event had over 70 foodies while our live event brought together 40 hungry Vancouverites for one epic potluck. Our weeks of hard work paid off and now we're sharing our tips on how to make sure your event is a success, too.

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5 of the Best Pieces of Career Advice We've Ever Gotten

There seems to be no shortage of advice or opinions in this world, particularly when you're not asking for them. However, every once and a while you'll get a gem, a few words that turn your world upside down and open up new possibilities. You keep them tucked in your soul so you can secretly peak at them regularly. 

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How to Make Money Now Through Blogging and Instagram

We're surprised at how small changes can really make influencers easier to work with, more memorable, and get work more frequently. Here are some small tricks that can give you an edge.

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Drop Everything and Stock Up on These Local Products

You won't be able to stay in denial for much longer; summer is coming to an end soon and if you can't take any more pumpkin-spice flavoured foods then don't freak out just yet. We're here for you. Here are our top five local products you're going to need to try if you want to live life to the fullest.

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Creating a Successful Brand Identity - Part Two

You’re back for part two! We were excited to kick-off our mini series with some homework. So, how did it go? What were your observations? Did you see some common trends among your competitors? Did you spot any unique differences in your services or product? Are you feeling like you totally got this or are you’re feeling like even though you may be similar you know you can stand out with some smart marketing?

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Creating a Successful Brand Identity - Part One

You’ve done the hard stuff - created a product or service that you believe in, developed your business plan and positioning statement, established your target audience, and you’ve done all your market research. Next to creating an amazing product or service, your brand identity is one of the most important parts of your business that you’ll invest in. We’ve created a mini series on creating a brand identity to ensure your business has success in a competitive marketplace!

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The Basics of Influencer Marketing (And why you need to know it)

Some business and marketing experts predict that influencer marketing is going to explode this year and that as many as 84% of marketers plan on using it in their overall marketing plans. But we would argue that it's already arrived and that it's been officially mainstream for a few years now.

Let's look at the basics of influencer marketing.

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Getting personal with Piquant Marketing Co-Founder & Marketing Director Lindsay O'Donnell

Lindsay, we have years working together behind us and now we’ve been through one big year together growing Piquant Marketing. You’d think we would know more than we ever wanted to know about each other after countless projects and late night texts, but I still have questions! I know you have great insight for other budding entrepreneurs out there and even some good reminders for me, so I’ve put together some questions so everyone can get to know you better.

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Kristen Scharf
Bringing Kenyan Communities to the world through partnerships and storytelling with Rubie Ruth

I met Rubie years ago now when she led me around Kenya guiding me through tea farms, schools, markets, and the tireless work of Ubuntu. She is someone who works to bridge her community with the rest of the world and never stops investing in her home by offering others a hand up in their own enterprises. In all honesty I can't wait to get back to the Ubuntu cafe and watch her work. But for now we picked her brain a bit to learn that life on the other side of the world isn't always so different when it comes to marketing, business, and side hustles! 

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Lindsay O'Donnell