5 Brand Lessons from Beyonce

We are not in the least bit embarrassed to say that we are in the #BeyHive. All in. Because as marketers we can see perfect branding when we see it. Some say she is the greatest entertainer of our generation or of all time. Whether that's true or not, we know that when it comes to branding, hers is practically flawless. Looking at her business strategy, marketing, or branding, here are 5 things we can learn from Queen Bey.

Know Your Brand

You won't see Beyonce giving interviews, sitting down with Jimmy Fallon, or arguing with other celebrities on Twitter because she's crafted a premium brand that is elevated among even A-Listers. She's developed mystic and an elusive quality. You'll see that her brand channels are diligently committed to themes, types of communication, and content. Instagram is mostly fashion and tour pics, her webpage is photos and insider content on her tours, and her appearances are chosen to support her brand and messaging. You might also notice that she rarely shows up to any sort of award shows unless she's receiving an award. All of it being incredibly detail-oriented, her Instagram posts are posted in themes of 3 pics and are always taken by professional photographers with design help of a designer (no quick selfies for Beyonce).

Dedicate Yourself to Premium Quality

We had read that Beyonce probably lost money on her recent Coachella performance since she brought in her own videographer, wind machine technicians and 150 person band. But she's savvy enough to know that every detail had to be perfect and spectacular. It was an investment in her brand and a reminder of what a special performer she is...conveniently when ticket sales for her latest tour just went on sale.

Premium and perfection is what we've come to expect and anything less is off brand. Remember this when you're working on your own brand, maybe when you're thinking of rushing a blog post (been there) or posting a less-than-perfect picture on social. Every interaction with our targets is either going to build the brand or change the perception negatively.

Be Patient

Beyonce is in no rush, ever. She drops an album when it's complete, the merch is ready to be bought online, the tour is booked, the videos are filmed, and when the rollout is meticulously planned and tested. She makes us wait and it's always worth it. She's always looking at the long game rather than short-term gain.

Yes, it's great to be first on the market but you can never get your first impression back and once someone has decided they're not interested it's very difficult to convince them there is value in your brand in the future.

Consistently Elevate

At this point, Beyonce could live off of her greatest hits, tour every now and then, and put out great albums every few years. But she is determined to top herself, bring something new to her performances, music, and business decisions. A few years ago she released an album with videos for every song and even we wondered, how would she top that? Lemonade came next as one video album that was dissected all over the world for its political, personal, and historical messaging and symbols. There was no doubt that she had raised the bar on herself yet again.

Whatever You Do, Do It With Confidence

If you've put in the work and know you have produced something special and premium, then own it. People openly questioned where her career would go when she left the very successful Destiny's Child and when she hired another manager after her father had managed it her entire life. Even recently she's become more politically active and outspoken through her work. All of these decisions were risky but she had confidence in her abilities, her talent, and her career. 

This is particularly important for us female entrepreneurs and marketers- have confidence in your work!

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