Your Career Tipping Point

After recently sitting down with a successful entrepreneurial friend who had taken a big leap and invested in a space for her business, we started chatting about our projects and possible collaborations. When asked about working with a partner of ours she explained that she would have to charge for her services and for the use of her space.

What really stood out was the apologetic way she explained it to me. Of course she would have to charge for services or time! This was her business and her brand and it has value.

But that conversation has stayed top of mind since then because we’ve been guilty of doing the same thing more often then we’d like to admit. Apologizing or explain the fees our time, for our business, or for our work.

Because here’s the thing; when we are starting our careers we all have to volunteer our time and services to gain experience and network. At least we did, extensively. Not only because of ambition but because we wanted to be a part of exciting projects, work with talented people, and because of the desire to be helpful.

But there’s a tipping point where we needed to realize that our time was valuable and there is a price. It’s not easy. You have to say no to some projects and it goes against the desire to be helpful and nice. We know how obvious it sounds yet we hear extremely accomplished people explain or apologize for the costs involved with working with them.

The tipping point for us when was when we no longer needed the experience and we are just cheapening our worth and brand. Some people will argue your time and efforts should never be free but it really depends on your industry and your career.

The most difficult part is knowing where that tipping point is but we’re not going to apologize for the cost of my time anymore.

Lindsay O'DonnellComment