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How to Start Working with Brands as an Influencer

We get a ton of emails asking for advice on building personal brands on social media and how to connect with companies for paid relationships. The good news is that it's easier than you might think to get started. We've got some tips on how to approach brands and build relationships with your favourite companies. 

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For the Love of Food: 6 Tips for Aspiring Instagram Foodies

From food reporters and micro influencers to holistic nutritionists and recipe creators, the online world is flooded with inspiring content from foodies who know how to make their audience drool with photography on Instagram. How do you stand out amongst the crowds?

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Here's Your Crash Course in Digital Marketing

Influnencer marketing to tricks on improving your Facebook presence, we've got all the blog posts in one place to get you up to speed on digital marketing.

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The Basics of Influencer Marketing (And why you need to know it)

Some business and marketing experts predict that influencer marketing is going to explode this year and that as many as 84% of marketers plan on using it in their overall marketing plans. But we would argue that it's already arrived and that it's been officially mainstream for a few years now.

Let's look at the basics of influencer marketing.

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