How To Report and Analyze Your Social Pages

One of the most important parts of running a social presence for ourselves or for our clients is reporting. We provide monthly social reports for any social page that we're involved in because it provides key insight into target audiences, trends, ROI's, and we are able to keep a pulse on the brand's management. And yes, we know that we just listed a ton of vague marketing buzzwords. All of this sounds great, right? But how exactly do you report and analyze your social presence to make it better? Here's how. 

What to Record

Get ready, here are all the things that we put into a spreadsheet every single month:

  • The reach, engagement, and impressions of every single post
  • The number of tagged posts from followers and the reach of their posts
  • Page followers, page views, and website clicks
  • The highest performing posts and their engagement, reach, and impressions
  • The impressions of every Instagram Story

We also plot some of these numbers in graphs against similar pages to see if how we're performing against similar brands with similar content.

What To Look For

First of all, you want to discard the outliers. That means the highest performing post and the lowest performing post. Then you want to look at the average engagement, reach, and impressions of the rest of them. What you should be seeing over 3-6 months is an upward trend. You'll have months here and there where numbers will decline a bit but overall you should see increases. 

The gold is in the best performing posts. What was the content of your top 10% of posts? Was it selfies or recipe shots? Was it the posts where you shared something personal? This is what you want to use to create more content. Find what is most successful and do more of that. 

What To Prioritize

We consider tagged posts and the engagement from those to be the most valuable indicators of how a brand is doing. If people are talking about your brand, recognizing it, and promoting it unprompted then that's fantastic. Make sure to recognize those people by giving them shout outs in Instagram stories or in your feed!

The next most important thing is engagement, how many people are engaging with your posts and how. Are they saying that your content is providing value? Are they thank you for sharing? Or are they just posting a few emojis? Engagement really does trump followers. It's better to have a small but passionate group of followers who engage and converse with you than a huge group that doesn't seem to notice your content. 

Be Patient

We look at social data once a month because it keeps us in the know and so that we're constantly touching base with the reaction of what we're putting out there. That being said, we really don't expect to identify any trends or see any momentum with anything new we're putting out there until 2-3 months. We'll also plot the data every 6 months and every year to see if our engagement, followers, and tagged posts are trending upward, downward, or flatlining. 

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