5 Things You Should Be Doing with Every Instagram Post

Instagram Tips

You've taken a gorgeous picture and have a hilarious caption, now do these 5 things to improve your chances of having your post seen and engaged with.


Use the Right Hashtags

Not all hashtags are created equal and there is a bit of an art to it. It used to be that it was a good idea to use the most commonly used hashtags like #food or #vegan (ok that one is still a good idea when applicable) but now those hashtags are used so frequently that your post is going to get lost almost instantly. 

A better idea is to use a few commonly used hashtags to be seen by a large audience for a minute or two but to also use specific, niche hashtags that are going to be seen by a more select audience for a potentially longer period of time. We're talking hashtags like #vancouverveganfood or #vancouvermarketingagency. If you have a smaller following, it's a good idea to give your posts more staying power with unique hashtags that your audience is going to find weeks and even months from when you post.


Geotag Your Posts

Add a location to every post. By Geotagging your posts, you're giving your posts even more opportunity to be found by your audience in a specific area. This can be particularly effective if you're tagging in a unique or commonly searched area but make sure the tagging makes sense. Since we're a marketing agency that specializes in the Vancouver food scene, we tag almost all of our photos in Vancouver.


Send It To Your Pod

If you're not in an Instagram pod (or a few) then do it right now. Create a messaging group with some of your friends or with similar accounts. Each time someone has a new post, it's sent to the group and everyone then goes and likes and comments on the post. It's a way to gain momentum on your post by having immediate engagement and to give each post and an extra boost in visibility. Plus, it's a great way to connect with other brands, people, and support each other!


Tag Other Accounts

A great way to encourage engagement is to tag other accounts. Anyone that is tagged is notified and will usually respond, improving the ranking of your post. An easy way to do this is to tag a number of accounts and ask them a question (ie. What's your favourite vegan restaurant?) or tag them as your #fridayfoodfriends. It's also another way of building a sense of community with your brand and positioning yourself as a place of conversation and relationship-building. But don't go crazy or you'll appear spammy.


Promote Your Post On Other Channels

It doesn't hurt to have your Instagram post auto-posted on your Twitter page or Facebook. Depending on the size of your followings, you can get a nice boost for your Instagram post. Some people will highlight their latest post in an Instagram Story as well since we find Instagram Stories are much more likely to be seen than traditional posts (use this with caution as we've heard many people find this annoying though).


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