Vancouver Food Brands Owning Instagram

When we meet with clients to discuss social media, we know that we have to give visual inspiration and examples. And Vancouver makes it pretty easy for us actually. Our city seems to be bursting with beautifully branded Instagram accounts that are unique, witty, charming, and completely delicious. Here are the ones that we have utterly fallen for and what you can learn from them.

1. Savio Volpe

Savio Volpe knows its mood. The consistent colour palate, tone of the photos, and subjects are all spot on. It feels like every single photo is taken when the sun is starting to slip from the sky and a relaxing evening moves in. We just have to look at their page to chill out.

Key Learnings: Find your mood through colours and subjects and stick with it.

2. Nourish Van

This account is so well lit, pretty, and fun. It perfectly captures the vision that you'll find on their front doors, "Eat, Learn, Gather."  Regular pics of healthy food, kids classes, and smiling staff members mixed in with beautifully simple store shots deliver consistent clear messaging on their brand.

Key Learnings: Balance your product images with ones that convey your brand's energy.

3.  Made By Mister

The packaging and design of the Made By Mister ice cream is what social media dreams are made of. It's striking, instantly recognizable, and easy to photograph. They've created a product that begs to be shared and talked about on Instagram. Not only that, but they are constantly engaging with other accounts, re-posting customer content, and making us crave ice cream all hours of the day.

Key Learnings: Make it easy for your customers to share with recognizable branding and consistent engagement.

4. When They Find Us

Ok, we're sort of cheating with this one. It's not technically a food brand but we reference this account constantly. Can you have over 26k followers and still be under appreciated? We think so.  Luis Valdizon's account is level beautiful and creative. It's hard not to be inspired or be pushed to think outside the box. We're obsessed with his layering and the common threads he pulls through all of his photos. 

Key Learnings: Don't be afraid to really go for it and experiment. 

5. Juice Truck

We debated even putting this on the list's obvious. They have a product with many very similar competitors but their branding is just so savvy, fun, and layered. Does this team ever sleep? If there is one word to sum up the Juice Truck's social we would say collaboration! They have written travel articles, host events for new moms, sponsor movie screenings, and have deep relationships with those in their neighbourhood and food community. And yet, everything is on point with their brand through colours, striking backgrounds, and images of food. Through collaborations and smart content their social is followed by everyone and their dog in Vancouver.

Key Learnings: Know your brand standards and aesthetic and then partner with other accounts, neighbors, customers, employees, and people in other industries.

Since we're talking Instagram here, are you following us yet? Key Learnings from ours include: we love Dateline, Justin 's Peanut Butter Cups, and coffee.

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