Vancouver based and Vancouver-fueled. Piquant is relentlessly obsessed with the food scene here in the Pacific Northwest and understands the culture, the players, the industry, and its future.

Piquant Marketing knows Vancouver and its food scene like no one else. 

Offering simple solutions with concrete results to support or manage integrated marketing campaigns starting with budget-friendly packages, here is the place to move your brand forward.


Lindsay O'Donnell

Co-Founder, Marketing Director

The girl has energy. She’s someone who has heard ‘You have too many things on the go!’ her whole life. Blame the coffee addiction or Beyonce but seeing her sit still is as rare as a finding a yeti in Rhianna’s latest fashion line. 

For Lindsay, food became a solution for so many things: activism, community connections, and even to clear the mind. It now is a personal statement of her values and beliefs. 

Having worked in all different industries, volunteered with countless organizations, and gone to school to pursue marketing she felt a calling to start her own company, bringing all of those experiences together. 

Seeing that marketing could support and create positive change on plates and in communities was how Piquant was founded. Lindsay is convinced that one day she will discover down-time when she can sip a glass of wine, cook, and then relax watching Keith Morrison on Dateline.


Kristen Scharf

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Kristen is a descendent of foodies with a long family line of entrepreneurs in the industry. Growing up playing and then working in her parent’s café has meant she knows the passion and perseverance it takes to run your own food business. People don’t get into the business for the wealth and accolades! 

Feeling her artistic side calling, Kristen studied fine art, graphic design, and marketing before finding herself back with her food roots at Whole Foods Market. 

Piquant Marketing is a way of Kristen coming full circle, but instead of helping in the kitchen of the café, she’s strategizing marketing campaigns for brands big and small to ends up in the hands and mouths of hungry consumers.


Our Creation

Working with countless entrepreneurs, new products, and established brands had made it obvious that companies want their stories told and to connect on a personal level with their customers and partners. However, many times there isn’t enough time in the day to develop the unique relationships or explore the creative ways to share with everything that needs to be done.

We have those relationships and are consumed with new and unique ways to share, support, and celebrate our clients and partners.

Piquant was created to feed our own obsession with marketing with depth and an unforgettable flavour. We are here to tell your story, add it to the table, and generate the discussion it’s worthy of.  And, like anything with a piquant flavour, it’s going to memorable, different, and stand out. 

We offer  fully integrated marketing campaigns and services that include:

  • Advertising Campaigns & Design
  • Photography
  • Marketing Guidelines & Templates
  • Event Planning
  • Social Media
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plans
  • Logo & Web Design
  • PR
  • Marketing Training & Workshops
  • Community Outreach
Virtual Potluck_blog graphic.jpg

Be part of the next #VancityVirtualPotluck!

The vision of Piquant Marketing is to connect over food. Whether that be bringing amazing local products to consumers or working with bloggers and influencers to talk about our world through food. Marketing is really just a way for us to express and celebrate our passions.

We had such an awesome time hosting our last #VancityVirtualPotluck that we decided it's time for round two on April 26th. This time we're opening it up for Instagrammers too, no blog required!



Piquant Words

When you start from the beginning, you learn a lot. We're sharing out our learnings, pro-tips and stories from along the way.


Talking Fitness, Branding, & Empowerment with Rebecca from Be Naturally Fit

Rebecca from Be Naturally Fit keeps us inspired and motivated through her website and social channels so we wanted to ask her how she's able to create such an authentic and strong brand, and what motivates her. We love her advice for getting started and how her own brand evolved organically!

Image courtesy Design Love Fest

Overcoming Creative Doubt

When you’re balancing multiple clients with different identities and different voices in a competitive marketplace it can be hard to find those extra unique and creative tactics that you can do to make them stand out from the crowd without having a mini panic attack. 


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