Why Taking a Break From Instagram Will Help Not Hinder Your Account


We’re experts at staying busy. And we’re even bigger experts at appearing to be busy on Instagram. In the 21st century, when we answer the question “how are you?”, the answer “I’m busy” is the new “I’m good”. And despite not actually having our phones programmed into our brains (not yet, anyway), we have a hard time separating ourselves from social media for more than an hour. And eventually, this attachment takes a toll not only on our mental well being but our creativity, too. Yes, you heard us right, constantly being connected to your social accounts is sucking you dry of your creative juices.


Instagram is not the be all end all of your creativity or your career.

If you work in a field where your clients often come from Instagram, it’s easy to directly associate your business success with your Instagram success. We often believe more followers = more business = more money. And in some situations, this can be true, but you need to remember that your business is not synonymous with Instagram. The two are separate entities and can be developed independently. In fact, you might want to consider it could be more beneficial for you to work on your business that in it if you’re spending all your time posting on Instagram.

Yes, creativity can live outside of Instagram and social media. In connections, in recipe development, in photography, in workshops, in outings with friends, and in so much more. Just because you’re not documenting every small thing you do or experience within your business on Instagram, does not mean you’re not exercising your creativity.


It’s time to take a break if it becomes a chore.

Instagram shouldn’t feel like a chore. It should feel like a place where you can express your passions, creatively demonstrate the skills of your business, and connect with like-minded people in the same industry. The moment Instagram begins to feel like a chore is the same moment your creativity will start to wither and posting will feel like a struggle instead of something to get excited about.


It’s time to take a break if you’re constantly comparing yourself and your business to others.

Instagram is a great platform, but it also has evil tendencies. What we mean by this is that it’s often a place where people put on their best face and hide the more realistic aspects of their business or lives. Consequently, it’s no doubt that spending hours scrolling your feed can leave you (as a business owner, entrepreneur, or influencer) feeling incredibly vulnerable and “not good enough”. Spending too much time on Instagram tends to have this effect on us after a while, no matter how bulletproof we tell the world we are. Spend time connecting with those who give value back to your business, but realize when it’s time to take a break from endless scrolling and unnecessary comparisons.

Your followers will miss you, but they won’t forget you.

Taking a “break” from Instagram can mean something different to each and every person. It might mean one day, three days, a week, or even a month for some people. But no matter what the length, it’s important to remember that your followers aren’t just going to unfollow you because they haven’t seen you or your content in three days. Your engaged followers—the ones who actually interact with your account—will miss you, but they won’t unfollow you or forget who you are. Taking a break is for you, not them, so take it without regrets and more importantly, without guilt.


You should feel refreshed, not anxious.

We don’t know about you, but there are definitely times when we feel drained by the constant need to check in on Instagram and post everyday (an obligation we perceive but is not actually real). Coming back from an Instagram hiatus should leave you feeling refreshed and filled with new, creative ideas that you’ve given yourself the time to brainstorm through real-world inspiration. If you feel anxious coming back, we recommend easing your way back into things in order to avoid extremes.

Despite what you might otherwise tell yourself, taking a break from Instagram (and other social media accounts) does more good than harm for your social presence. You’ll return with new ideas, an enlightened perspective, and an eagerness to show off your creativity in fresh ways. Is it time you took a break? Give it a try and let us know how you felt afterwards.


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