When You Shouldn't Hire A Marketing Agency

Hiring an agency (us!) can help support the growth of your company by using the knowledge, tools, experience, and resources of experienced marketers. We can create templates, tools, and procedures to enable your company to scale quickly and educate your own marketing team on some best practices. Plus, we can also inspire and jump-start a stale brand. Or we can simply take some of your work-load off your plate.

But it doesn't make sense for every company. Here are some reasons you shouldn't hire a marketing agency.

When You Can't Afford It

It's tempting to stretch your budget or use money you don't have to invest in marketing. The thinking is that it'll drive more sales! Yes and no. The reality of marketing is that it can take time. Target audiences need repeat exposures, time to build a relationship, and constant reminders. Often times the first 2-4 months with an agency are building up solid platforms, systems, branding, and collecting data. Which is why companies have entire marketing teams executing strategies constantly.

Plus, if you're stretching yourself it's going to be a stressful experience and you won't be in the best place to collaborate or experiment. 

When You Really Want to Do it Yourself

Our experience is that it's not fun for anyone. Unless you're going into the partnership looking to learn some new tools or experiment then you'll never be happy having someone else do something that you want to do yourself. Because isn't one of the main benefits of running your own company being able to control what you want? If marketing is your passion then maybe hire someone to help you with operations or accounting so you can focus on the areas you are passionate about.

When You're Not Sure What You Want Accomplish

We're not saying you should know what to expect in terms of increase in engagement or web traffic (although that's fantastic!) but you should have have an idea of how you want marketing to support the entire company and sales generation.

Sometimes companies write a blog or have a newsletter because it seems like it's necessary or their competitor is doing it but it might not make sense for them or be the best use of their money. 

Plus, agencies' have different strengths and services. Spend some time thinking about your growth plan and then spend some time meeting with different agencies. It's the best use of your time and resources to ensure you find the right agency and the right agreement.


When Something Doesn't Feel Right

Until you have signed a contract, you are not committed to anything and it's your right to take as much time as you like. Even if you have signed a contract, you usually can end it for a fee. Things take time to get moving, see results, and develop a relationships but if something is giving you a sinking feeling or doesn't make you excited to collaborate, then don't.

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