What Marketing Agencies Can't Tell You

Photo Credit: @thislittlelion

Photo Credit: @thislittlelion

Often times deciding to work with a marketing agency is a big decision for a company. Many times we meet with companies who are in the growth stage of their business and are ready to take their sales and marketing to the next level. Meeting with agencies is a fantastic way to give you an idea of what services are available to you and what sort of investments are necessary to offload some tasks off your plate. 

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that advice or insights you gain from marketing professionals is specific to marketing. It sounds obvious but, although we know a fair share about operations and logistics when it comes to product-based businesses, our advice is coming from a marketing interest.

Sometimes people are surprised to learn that even the savviest and strategic marketing plans are useless if a company's operations aren't ready to support growth. In fact, launching marketing efforts too soon can have a damaging effect on your brand as a whole.

Here's what we mean.

Let's say you launch a fully integrated marketing campaign for pickled carrots. Social media, digital marketing, and event planning drive demand for your product. But soon customers become frustrated because the product is never in stock anywhere and when they do find it, the jars break easily and have incorrect information on their labels.

Now it's going to be twice as difficult to convince old customers to purchase again and the brand will be fighting against negative feedback and reputation moving forward.

Knowing how strong your distribution, packaging, and ability to grow isn't something that most marketing agencies can know or advise on. Even though we do our due diligence before officially partnering with anyone.

This is not to scare off anyone from working with marketing agencies but to encourage every business owner to have advisors in every field. Marketing experts are going to give you the best advice for your marketing while someone in operations (possibly in the food product business) can ensure that your ducks are in a row to support a quick increase in demand. 

Once you have assembled a team of advisors or mentors, understand that each is going to have a specific background that is going to guide their advice and it's up to you, the business owner to assemble the pieces and decide what's right for your business.