Vancity Virtual Potluck

The vision of Piquant Marketing is to connect over food. Whether that be bringing amazing local products to consumers or working with bloggers and influencers to talk about our world through food. Marketing is really just a way for us to express and celebrate our passions.

So this idea has been simmering in our minds for a while now (pun intended). Having seen these done online before we kept asking; "How cool would it be to do a virtual potluck for bloggers in Vancouver?"

And we're thrilled to say that now is the time! Below are the details on how you can participate and follow along in our Vancity Virtual Potluck.

The idea is to connect local bloggers and chefs with each other and become a stronger voice together. If you're not a blogger, here's a way for you to discover some of the incredible and talented food voices here in your own city.

What is it?

The Vancity Virtual Potluck is a gathering of Vancouver's food bloggers, coming together for one epic feast. Let's showcase our local culinary talent through three virtual courses.


Our city is full of inspiration, talent, and taste. By coming together for one big virtual potluck, you'll be introducing yourself to a larger audience, connecting with fellow bloggers, and getting to know the blogging and cooking community.

Very simply: reach new audiences, network, and get inspired! 

Plus we'll be reaching out to local media to promote the potluck and its participants and you'll be promoting yourself through the blogging community!

How does it work?

Simply email us at with links to your website and if you'll be creating an appetizer dish, a main, or a dessert recipe to post on your blog.

We'll send you some images to promote the potluck and further directions on how to pre-schedule your post. Everyone participating posts on the same day at the same time with Piquant Marketing linking to all the blogs in the potluck with the 'full menu' on our site.

On March 14 Piquant Marketing will email you links of the blogs that come before and after your recipe with further directions on publishing.

After the potluck we'll be giving away prizes for participants and posting a summary on the potluck on our site.

What are you waiting for? Join us by sending us an email at

See you at the #vancityvirtualpotluck!