This Advice Blew Our Minds and You Need to Hear It!


We'll admit that our minds are blown pretty much anytime we meet with Becky from Fresh Prep Vancouver. It's not surprising, really. She's co-founder of one of Vancouver's hottest new companies that delivers fresh and simple meals with tons of vegan options. She's a woman who knows the way to our heart.

Recently, she passed on some advice that had been digging a hole in her brain for a while now and man is it powerful.

It is not your job to make other people comfortable. 

As women, as a team who often feels young, and as an ambitious group, this speaks to us. How many times have you settled for something less than excellent because you wanted to maintain a good relationship, keep the peace, or avoid making people unhappy?

We were negotiating last week and almost settled on something that would have lost us money! We thought we wanted to please, we wanted to make it work, and that we were determined. Nope. It was uncomfortable. We were about to settle just to get back to the zone where everyone is happy.

Say it again with us. It's not your job to make other people comfortable. Wow, we wish we had been told this advice years ago! We would have reminded ourselves of this when we were asking for salaries, roles, or new projects.

Because you know what? Nobody wins when the goal is to make people comfortable. And ladies, you can attest that often it feels like it falls on us to ensure people are comfortable and happy.

You know what? F*ck that shit. (Please take the time to read our other blog post on why this is our motto.) Settling for the sake of making people comfortable results in our own resentment and a hindered relationship with whoever we are making those sacrifices for.

And you know what else? No one actually expects us to make them comfortable! Especially now that we're running an agency. They expect results, excellent work, and professionalism, and a small amount of discomfort is just part of the process sometimes.

We will be saying this every day for the rest of our lives. It's not our job to make other people comfortable. 

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