The Secret to Finding Your Niche

We're starting to roll our eyes every time we hear ourselves talk about 'finding your niche'. Because it seems like we're talking about it every day. With ourselves, with clients, with peers, or with industry newcomers. It's starting to become this word that means nothing like 'green' products, 'natural' ingredients, or 'healthy online shopping addiction'. 

But really what finding your niche means is finding your competitive edge, defining who you are as a brand, and claiming a space no one else has.

Here's the thing. It's very, very hard. Like harder than sticking to a new year's resolution to cut out sugar, carbs, and Netflix hard. 

It's no longer enough to provide a very specific and specialized service or product, you have to be supporting a grand vision to enhance people's life. And one more thing, it needs to be authentic for people to believe it. 

Are you groaning yet? We know, you're yelling "I just want to sell people Xerox machines, I don't need to become Deepak Chopra!"

If you don't want a business that can be scaled, become hugely successful, and resonate with large groups of people, then you're right you don't need to define your niche.

Think about some of the brands dominating their industry and how they started niche with a grand purpose. Lululemon started selling yoga clothes but wanted to empower people to find their athletic potential. Apple changed the world through design starting with computers. Facebook, well is a bit of an exception since it was almost a brand new industry in itself.

So if you're about to start an entire new industry like Facebook then you don't need to continue reading. But for everyone else who is running one in a million lifestyle brands, food products, or clothing company, there are ways to stand out, build a following, and create a loyal audience. It's by finding, defining, and refining your niche. We just came up with that- pretty catchy eh?

The roadblock that almost everyone we meet faces is that there are so many things they want to do and offer, how are they supposed to come up with one tagline or purpose to define their brands' existence?

It can be done, and actually, in our experience it's quite simple.

Know who you want to be in the world. Intentionally make decisions that support this vision and don't rush finding your niche.

It's simple and maybe obvious but the majority of us have struggled and maybe agonized over defining why our companies and brands are different and superior. If you're an entrepreneur or have a side hustle you've probably experienced moments of an identity crisis or self-doubt.

But we can guarantee that almost all of us have a vision of how we ideally exist in the world, how we want to be perceived, what we want to give, and who we want to build relationships with. 

So do everything that supports this vision of your higher self and your niche will begin to form. 

For us, we're still on this journey and our story continues to reveal itself. We knew we loved food, the Vancouver food community,  and empowering people through food. That idea isn't niche or original but we knew who we wanted to connect with, saw how it could be done, and had some ideas of achieving it. With every project and client our niche becomes more refined and clear.

Our brand continues to strengthen, become more concise, and specific all the time. From what we're hearing we're not alone, your brand becomes a living thing and it takes on a life of its own with your guidance, control, and drive.

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