Teacher by Day, SuperFoodie by Night: Our Interview with @itsjosheats!

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It was only a matter of time before we cornered Josh from  @itsjosheats for an interview on our blog. He's a shooting star on the food scene and we're just trying to stay close to his shine. Hilarious, creative, and the co-host of our upcoming Vancity Virtual Potluck Live Event, Josh talks about self growth and social hacks.

Vancouver Influencer @itsjosheats

It seems like you live two very different lives, educator during the day and SuperFoodie by night. How do you balance it all?

I've found that if you don't sleep you have so much more time to get all your work done. Jokes!

In reality, it's easy. At the daycare, I get some downtime to work on my food posts, and food inspires me to create and cook with kids. It's not so much balancing, but overlapping them!

You've gotten more strategic and savvy on social media recently, was this natural growth for you or a concentrated effort on your part?

I think natural growth always requires some effort. The longer I do this, the more I learn and my skills improve. It's kind of a snowball effect where it starts slow and extra work is required and then it picks up and you have to keep nudging it along, but it becomes more routine which keeps it similar.

How do you balance everything within your brand and how do you plan out your content?

Vancouver Food Influencer @itsjosheats

I'm the worst at planning ahead. I know the due dates in my head, but everything else is usually done last minute. I usually don't think about what photo I'm posting until the day of. It helps just having edited photos ready. It's with the branded content I have to force myself to sit down and make sure everything is good to go, but I prefer flying by the seat of my pants!

Are there any tools, tips, or resources that you've found helpful as an up-and-coming social media star?

I use a bunch of different editing apps, but in the eleventh hour the iPhone editing app in Photos has saved me plenty of times! Don't take it for granted!

Taking extra photos of restaurants or food has provided a great backdrop for text in my stories!

And then, of course, Instagram Shadowban Test website to boost my esteem on days I'm not performing well, ha!

What's next for @itsjosheats? (Besides hosting our upcoming potluck of course!)

That's what I keep asking myself!! Who knows?!? Continual growth and learning in the meantime!

@itsjosheats, Vancouver Food Influencer

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