Talking Fitness, Branding, & Empowerment with Rebecca from Be Naturally Fit

Rebecca from Be Naturally Fit keeps us inspired and motivated through her website and social channels so we wanted to ask her how she's able to create such an authentic and strong brand, and find out what motivates her. We love her advice for getting started and how her own brand evolved organically!

You're one busy woman! How does your own brand, Be Naturally Fit, fit with your other role at Barre Fitness? Is it difficult to promote and maintain your own business or does everything fit relatively organically?

During my years of teaching fitness classes, I came to realize that I wanted to reach more people and encourage a holistic approach to improving their health. Fitness is important but I knew I could help women beyond the gym or the studio. This is how I came up with Be Naturally Fit and my online FIT-CLUB. Barre Fitness (my first true fitness love) and working with individual clients gives me time to create content for Be Naturally Fit and to be the best personal trainer and instructor I can be. It's a very organic fit because I am free to re-jig my schedule to fit in family and personal time. One of the cornerstones of Be Naturally Fit is to lead a balanced life so that's what I try to do!

FIT CLUB seems to be a program that includes services for everything you believe in (healthy body, healthy mind, and a strong community). How did it come about?

When I first started in the fitness industry, I stuck to the basics. Teaching people how to move and workout effectively in class-like settings. But as I started to develop a relationship with my clients, I realized that what they needed to really move forward with their goals was to be supported in a more holistic way.

I heard a lot of negative self-talk and could sense that there were coming to me to 'lose the baby weight' or 'burn off last night's meal'. Hearing this was hard because I thought they were beautiful but when I told them, they shrugged it off.

This inspired me to teach more than just how to perform a squat! I want my clients to embrace sustainable practices and enjoy the process. 

What have you found to be the most effective strategy or way to market yourself and reach new people?

Word of mouth has really got me to where I am so far. I am active in my community, make genuine connections, and use Instagram and Facebook as my primary tools to share my message.

I also love working as an ambassador for local brands and companies such as Karma Athletics, Nayelle, and Pranin Organics. It's a great way to promote your brand, meet like-minded people and reach new audiences.

What advice would you have for someone considering starting their own website and brand in the food and fitness industry?

My advice to anyone starting their own brand or business is to JUST START! Take the scary step which begins with saying no to spreading yourself too thin

Start promoting your brand locally and grow from there. I began with a free Wordpress blog with blurry iPhone photos and I just started putting content out there! Don't wait until you have the perfect website, blog idea, or photo. Once you have had a little practie and you know more about what you want, you can get a fancy website and a better camera and you can even hire someone to help you get crystal clear on your brand.

What can we expect next from Be Naturally Fit?

This summer I plan to revamp FIT CLUB, my online health and coaching program. I have been working hard behind the scenes to improve my members' online experience and help each member on a more individual basis.

I am planning more community events and workshops to connect with the community this spring and summer. Look for outdoor bootcamps, guided meditation sessions, organized trail hikes, and vegan picnic meetups!

My hope is that FIT CLUB will continue to grow as a supportive community for women who want more than just a fitness program.