Taking Some Time to Be Thankful

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not as grateful or appreciative as I should be. It's easy to get caught up in the mis-use of hashtags or mismatching fonts in the day to day of our business. But Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take a moment and acknowledge everything I'm grateful for. 

And I'm not satisfied with just being thankful- I want to shout it to the world! But it's pretty early and my neighbours probably wouldn't appreciate the gesture so a blog post will have to do. Here's why I'm feeling #blessed these days.

We Just Had Our First Anniversary

Having a business is everything you hope for and nothing like you thought it would be but a year into it, you start to feel like you're in a bit of a groove. You've hit some milestones, learned a ton, and have more realistic goals for the coming year.

Taking the time to see how far we've come is making me feel verklempt. As a veteran entrepreneur now, I know that it's important to celebrate my accomplishments and take some time to reward yourself. 

We Freakin Love You

We adore our clients. No seriously, sometimes we sigh as we talk about them. They're generous, talented, smart, and if there was a business Tinder, we'd swipe left. The fact that they've chosen to work with us is humbling and motivating. Being a food business ain't for the faint of heart and I have a deep respect and admiration for anyone doing it and our clients make it look easy. 

Plus, we've met and worked with so many people! It's amazing that people read our blog, come to our events, reach out on social, and collaborate. The list is way too long but I can think of 50 cool and delightful people we've met in the last year.

So cheers to you!

Wine Thursday

Nothing would be possible without #winethursday. Wine Thursday might be Cocktail Friday or just Coffee Monday but we all have our routines. Every Thursday I crack a bottle of red with my mom, make a big meal, and get ready to finish up the million things I have on my plate before the weekend. These weekly treats, routines, and support from our family and friends keep me sane, positive and usually buzzed.


Cranking some Beyonce before a big meeting is better than 3 shots of espresso. When I don't feel like hustling, when I feel stalled, or when I need someone to kick me in the ass, Beyonce is there to tell me I can run the world. This is totally normal right?

My Business Partner

Just starting this paragraph is making me smile because I can see her cringing from my public display of affection. Kristen pushes me to do better work, slow down, and get my shit together. She patiently points out to me that I still can't seem to use a calendar correctly, reminds me for the hundredth time on a detail I have let escape my brain, and cracks me up constantly with her dry, witty, and self-deprecating remarks. I will always say the smartest and most necessary thing you can do to be successful is find a business partner who is your yin to your yang. Someone that you can disagree with and even fight with but always has your unwavering respect.

Because she's never going to let me write another Thanksgiving post after this one, I'm going to say it now. You're the best buddy.