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When You Should Hire a Marketing Agency (As a Small Business)

In a recent blog post we discussed signs you shouldn't be working with a marketing agency. So, it only makes sense that we follow it up with a post on when you should hire one! This post is for small businesses, but agencies can make a lot of sense for much bigger companies and corporations as well.

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Interview with Spread 'Em Kitchen Founder Mellisa Mills

Like many of you, it was love at first bite when we tried Spread 'Em Kitchen's dips. It was the beet cashew spread that first caught out attention and pretty soon we were addicted to all of her products. She was also a part of what inspired us to start Piquant Marketing!

Since she's an experienced entrepreneur, we figured we could all learn a thing or two from Mellisa. 

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Marketing Podcasts We Can't Live Without

It blows our minds when people tell us they don't listen to podcasts. What do you listen to while you drive, workout, cook, or take a bath? Podcasts are such an easy and fun way to get inspired, stay informed, keep your finger on the pulse, and stay sharp.

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The 3 Elements for a Complete Marketing Campaign

After years of crafting, executing, and then reporting on marketing campaigns, we've realized that there are three elements that make up a well-rounded and complete campaign. We've also found that breaking down what these elements are and why they are included before presenting to our clients or partners is critical. Some aspects of a plan seem obvious while others don't might not seem appealing until you break them down. 

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Vancouver Food Brands Owning Instagram

As marketers we're often showing clients inspirational and aspiration Instagram accounts to emulate and learn from, and Vancouver makes it easy! Here are our favourites and what you can learn from them for your own brand.

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