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From Spanish Cider to Retail, Kelly Pisio from Pender Grocery Shares Her Journey

Kelly is one of those people that could do anything she wants and probably has. She's a professional photographer, a student of tourism, and an entrepreneur who asks "How hard can it be?". The answer is sometimes really hard but taking the jump from importing Spanish Ciders to Vancouver's latest retail gem Pender Grocery is only the latest leap.

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Talking Fitness, Branding, & Empowerment with Rebecca from Be Naturally Fit

Rebecca from Be Naturally Fit keeps us inspired and motivated through her website and social channels so we wanted to ask her how she's able to create such an authentic and strong brand, and what motivates her. We love her advice for getting started and how her own brand evolved organically!

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Interview with Spread 'Em Kitchen Founder Mellisa Mills

Like many of you, it was love at first bite when we tried Spread 'Em Kitchen's dips. It was the beet cashew spread that first caught out attention and pretty soon we were addicted to all of her products. She was also a part of what inspired us to start Piquant Marketing!

Since she's an experienced entrepreneur, we figured we could all learn a thing or two from Mellisa. 

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