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Food Science, Business, and Passion with the Founders of Tempea

If you're thinking of taking your side-hustle full time or taking the leap into entrepreneurship then this interview is for you. Our clients Andrew and Ariela from Tempea talk about the beautiful journey of starting your own company, the very real challenges, and how sometimes the universe just lays things out for you.

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Talking Fitness, Branding, & Empowerment with Rebecca from Be Naturally Fit

Rebecca from Be Naturally Fit keeps us inspired and motivated through her website and social channels so we wanted to ask her how she's able to create such an authentic and strong brand, and what motivates her. We love her advice for getting started and how her own brand evolved organically!

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Finding the Right Business Partner, The Most Important Decision You'll Make

Kristen and I get asked all the time about our business partnership which makes sense since you are likely to spend more time with your business partner than anyone else in your life for a while. Starting a business is a unique, amazing, and sometimes challenging journey. So what makes a successful partnership?

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Interview with Spread 'Em Kitchen Founder Mellisa Mills

Like many of you, it was love at first bite when we tried Spread 'Em Kitchen's dips. It was the beet cashew spread that first caught out attention and pretty soon we were addicted to all of her products. She was also a part of what inspired us to start Piquant Marketing!

Since she's an experienced entrepreneur, we figured we could all learn a thing or two from Mellisa. 

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When You Shouldn't Hire A Marketing Agency

Hiring an agency (us!) can help support the growth of your company by using the knowledge, tools, experience, and resources of people like us who are specialized in marketing. But it doesn't make sense for every company. Here are times when you shouldn't hire a marketing agency.

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A Note to Our Sweet and Naive 2016 Selves

2016 is almost over and it feels like we've aged a decade (at least in career years). Knowing what we do now, what would we go back and tell ourselves? Well in the spirit of the Ghost of Christmas Past, we've written a letter to our younger, more naive, and better-rested selves.

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