Social Media Secret Recipe


At this point, we don't have to remind you that standing out and growing on social media is harder than ever. We've said it a hundred times and we can all accept it as fact now, no?

But there is a magic combination when it comes to growing your social media presence and too often we see brands missing key ingredients. Here's how we break it down.

Amazing Content: For Your Current Followers

This is the obvious one that most people are aware of. You need great content with unique photos and a variety of hashtags. This is going to encourage your followers to engage and will increase your ranking among your followers and hopefully get you on the search page of Instagram. Amazing content increases visibility among your current followers (because they aren't always seeing you). In most cases, it's not going to be enough for new followers to find you.

Money, Partnerships, and Hacks: Gaining New Followers

In order to grow your followers, you really need to do more. That means working on your Levels of Influencer Marketing, spending even just a little budget on social ads and boosted posts (we recommend doing both), partnering with other pages for contests and takeovers, and finally, some good old fashion growth tricks

You really need to spend time in both areas to have a highly engaged social page that continues to grow in followers. With our clients, we always recommend spending some money on social ads and boosted posts in addition to influencer partnerships.

Find Your Clique

Find, nurture, and develop a group of people that are going to support each other's social efforts. It can be as simple as liking everyone's photos and as big as takeovers, give-aways, or promised shout-outs.

You have so much power as a group and that group can really make a difference in giving your posts and profiles momentum in engagement. It also sends a message that you're an alliance worth being a part of.

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Lindsay O'Donnell