Sleep and Self-Care to Succeed


Whenever we meet with entrepreneurs or people building their own side hustle, we’ll inevitably share ‘war stories’ of how hard we worked, especially in the beginning to get our projects off the ground. When Piquant Marketing was first created, we would get up between 4:30am-5am to spend a few hours on building the business before our days started. Even when we moved onto working on the business full time, we would work weekends and crazy hours.

It made sense in a way, we were so passionate, hungry, and determined that we were sort of obsessed with making it work. In the beginning, there is a sense of feeling like you’re playing catch up. The list of things that need to get done before you can even launch a business is endless and the learning curve is steep.

For some people, this is the life of an entrepreneur but we’ve come to believe that it’s nonsense. Many people start their own projects so they can make their own hours, build the life that they want, and control their own career trajectory.

One of the hardest lessons we’ve learned and have to keep re-learning is that self-care is an investment in yourself and your business.

It’s starting to feel like every other person suffers from anxiety, unproductive stress (because a small amount of stress can be motivating), and burn out.

We recently read Arianna Huffington’s book The Sleep Revolution which confirmed a lot of things we were beginning to believe ourselves. Meditation, relaxation, and sleep make you more effective, more productive, and alert.

“Scientists agree, sleep is not empty time. It’s a time of intense neurological activity. A time of renewal, memory consolidation, brand and neurochemical cleansing, and cognitive maintenance.” –from The Sleep Revolution.

The research that Arianna has done for her book concludes that sleep enhances the time that we are awake.

We’ve found that many people feel the urge to find something to do, to be productive when we have some spare time. Ironically, trying to relax can make us anxious. Isn’t that totally ridiculous?

Going into 2018 and 2019, our career goal includes investing in some serious self-care. And yes, you read that right. That is a career goal. Regular meditation, reading for fun, and indulging in TV is good for us. And we’re not going to feel guilty if we only work 4 hours a day instead of 8 because we find when we’re taking care of ourselves, the hours we do work are intensely productive.

People are less invested in their jobs, careers, and employers when they’re burnt out and they’re definitely not bringing their best creative juices to their projects either which is why personal well being is an absolute priority for us.

And much to our surprise, being an entrepreneur has been extremely good for our own mental well-being (although yes, it’s still stressful) because we can make our own hours, we ensure we have time to work out every day, head to a quiet space to meditate, and go and work somewhere sunny or busy when we need to.

You are your business' greatest asset. Period. Shouldn't you should be treating it like a brand new Bentley all the time?

So now we want to challenge you to get a good night’s rest as a part of your ambitious career plan!