5 Simple Tricks to Do Right Now to Increase Your Digital Presence

One of the most common things we tell businesses we meet with about online advertising is to 'don't try to do too much'. This means something different to everyone but it's easy to think that your business needs a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram page in addition to a blog, newsletter, and an app. That each channel needs videos, gifs, photos, recipes, partnerships, and a personalized thank you from your CEO with every purchase.

Just writing that paragraph was exhausting. And the truth is that very few companies need all that. What most people need is to do one thing very well. So spend a year getting your Facebook audience really large and engaged and then add one more thing into the mix. Most people can't consume that much content immediately anyways so offer them baby steps into your brand.

But there's even better news. For most companies there are some simple and some might say sneaky tricks you can do to strengthen your online efforts. Here are five:

Ask for Ratings

Having plenty of positive ratings on Facebook gives your product or company credibility and improve its ranking in the Facebook news feed.  The same applies for your Google Business page, more positive ratings will improve your search engine ranking and give potential clients reassurance that others have found your company to be reliable and offer valuable products and services. 

Set Up and Auto Response on Facebook

One of the first things you see on a Facebook business page is how quickly the company responds to messages. Companies that respond faster will see a stronger ranking with their content on a newsfeed. Plus potential customers are more likely to reach out knowing you'll respond quickly.

So how do small companies get such a quick response time (as in within minutes)? They likely have an auto-response that acknowledges that the message has been received and they will be contacted within 24 hours. 

Keep Track of Your Facebook Competition

Facebook has a feature that allows you to compare your page to up to 5 other pages. You might be surprised to find that another page with five times the audience is getting the same engagement as you or that another competitor is posting twice as often. It's called 'Pages to Watch' and you need to have at least 100 followers to use the feature.

Steal some Hashtags

Coming up with relevant effective hashtags is hard enough and Instagram's shadow ban isn't making it any easier by flagging you for using the same hashtags too frequently. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get some fresh and effective hashtags is to download a free app or just see what your most successful competitor is doing. 

Write a LinkedIn Article

We will never stop talking about our love for LinkedIn (if you haven't read our post on optimizing your profile then you'll want to read it next!) so of course, we're going to mention it here. Your LinkedIn connections are people who are already interested in your professional pursuits and projects. We see a healthy amount of traffic from our LinkedIn articles to our webpage, plus we choose to write more personally about our experience as entrepreneurs meaning people feel personally invested in our company even before they click on our homepage. 

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