Secrets of a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Even if you have never met Connie, you know the type: ambitious, highly energetic, and successful. Owned a successful wine bar that was recognized by major magazines around the world? Yep, she's done that. Conquered the real estate game? No big deal for Connie. Planned and organized major trade shows and events? Pfffft she practically did that in her sleep.

Honestly every time we sit down with Connie we're learning something fantastic she's done in her career. 

We'll give you one guess as to what she's working on now. That's right, it's a brand new company; Boosh! It's Vancouver's newest meal delivery service that's all gluten-free, dairy-free, low sodium, and delicious. Vegans and meat-lovers will find something too.

How does it work? You go to, pick your sides, sauces, veggies, and proteins, then Connie's chefs cook it, freeze it, and have it delivered to your door. All you have to do is heat and eat.

Given that she's a serial entrepreneur and a successful one at that too, we knew we needed to have her answer some questions for our blog!

You're a bit of a serial entrepreneur who has had a number of successful businesses and projects, what drives you to new challenges and jump into something new?

I am a dreamer, always have been. Like a lot of entrepreneurs and creative types, I am constantly coming up with ideas for new products and services. Most do not get past the pen and paper stage but occasionally one will keep coming up and I become obsessed with seeing it through.

Boosh Food.png

For aspiring entrepreneurs, what advice would you give them?

Well, of course, all of the usual stuff, as in, find something you are passionate about, work hard and stay focused. More importantly though is to take the time to be alone and check in with yourself to manifest, visualize where you are going and be excited about it. You absolutely have to feel it.

What would you say has been the biggest contributor to your success?

Having certainty that what I am doing is something that will truly help others. Nowadays businesses need to be purpose-driven to really succeed. It gets you through the lean times and the lonnng work weeks.

Connie Marples.JPG

What have you learned from launching Boosh compared to your other projects?

I have learned to trust the process. In the past I have made unrealistic deadlines for myself for one reason or another and pushed through to make them, causing myself undue stress. This time my team is working hard each day but we are enjoying the process and everything is flowing as it should.

What's next for you and Boosh?

We will expand the geographic area we are doing home delivery to and are working on a healthy quick serve product line that will be available in Specialty Grocers soon.

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