Roslyn Kent and How to Start Working with Your Favourite Brands

Roslyn Kent

Roslyn Kent is one of those people who looks like she's living her best life on Instagram while seamlessly partnering with brands and local companies. Did we mention that she's also our Marketing Manager? One of the reasons Ros is so good at marketing is her ability to work with a variety of different brands on social media while remaining authentic and providing high-quality content.

We constantly meet marketers who are looking to partner with brands on the side or freelance themselves and since Ros has done it so well for years, we decided to pick her brain!

You work with multiple companies on their branding and social media presence, how did you get started doing freelance marketing?

As cheesy as it sounds, many of the opportunities I am lucky enough to have today came to me by chance. A couple of times it was through an introduction or a mutual connection, but in all honesty, I wasn’t actively seeking out freelancing work. These jobs simply accumulated over time as I started to express my passion for food and social media. I think the key takeaway for me from the work I’ve acquired has been that opportunity presents itself when you least expect it. You can search and search all you want for the perfect job, or the ideal role, but if you put positive energy out there, it will probably show up in ways you couldn’t predict! 

(Piquant Marketing jumping in here- Ros definitely shows initiative. We met her when she reached out to us to say she liked our work and asked about any opportunities!)

You also balance your own brand identity and create unique content regularly, how do you maintain a passion and unique voice for your own projects?

Plain and simple, I focus on what I love. Content will always flow from a place of passion, and because my life revolves so heavily around my passions (food and the outdoors), it’s easy for me to continue to be inspired. Essentially, my accounts reflect the parts of my life that I enjoy most. Posting to them gets me excited, and if I’m excited about it, the rest unfolds easily. With that being said, whenever I have downtime or time off work, I put 110% into these projects. Having passion is one thing, but I’ve learned that passion alone won’t get the work done. I think a combination of hard work and a love for what I do make creating the content easier than I ever anticipated.

What do you think people often get wrong about their own social media presence or about what you do?

I think one of the most misleading ideas about building a brand on social media is that it’s all about the numbers. It’s so easy to get hung up on likes, comments and followers, but these numbers aren’t truly indicative of the sense of community that brand creates, the authentic engagement they receive, or the unique connections that they foster. Numbers can be very deceiving these days, especially in an Instagram world where money can buy you the engagement you want your followers to believe you have. It’s hard not to get caught up in it, but once you can get past the lure of building a “mega brand” (because really, that’s not what it’s about at all), you can start to see the value in social media and the ways that it can connect us.

How do you continue to grow the social presence of the brands you work with now that it's harder than ever to stand out?

Authenticity. I work hard with the brands I manage to produce content that’s both authentic and relatable. There’s so much to sift through on social these days, and I think it’s safe to make the assumption that we’re looking for something real that we can connect with. Consumers will always get behind a brand that they can A) trust and B) resonates with their values. I believe that this is what’s going to differentiate brands in 2018.

What's next for you?

I’m actually going back to school this year! I’m enrolling in the one-year Holistic Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition starting in September and I can’t wait to extend my knowledge in an area I’m incredibly passionate about. After that? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but something tells me I might be working with plant-based food in the near future.


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