Piquant Marketing's Core Values


I’m a vegan and an activist here in Vancouver and I get asked quite a bit if my company is a vegan company as well. The answer is no, but as this company gets older, it’s something I’ve struggled with personally. To feel so passionate about my own personal eating and shopping choices but then not having strong values as to who this company supports and how it exists.

In the beginning of a new company, you feel like you need to do whatever it takes to grow so that you can have a bit more leverage in this world to support things that matter to you.

I’m beginning to think that day of feeling like we’ve made it will never come because it’s an illusion. That there is no better time to use my company to support things that are meaningful and impactful.

I don’t want to just be a marketing company. I want to be a part of a group improving our food community through connections, food innovation, and increased transparency in the food community. I feel like we have the power to do this by building and supporting other food businesses that are working towards this.

I believe that our current food system can be better. We’ve had the privilege of working with innovative food companies who believe in healthier, more transparent, and more conscious business practices than the industry standard today.

These are core values that we support and we exist to not only connect local communities through food but to build these brands so they can create the change we all believe in.

How does this work? Our team is made up of talented, drive, and intelligent people who support our brands through relentless hard work, investment, and quite simply, joy.

That means that we only work with brands that align with our vision. We work with companies that support environmentally sustainable or cruelty-free practices, that work to improve social conditions for its overseas partners, or are working for increased transparency in the food industry. We are a part of the change we envision and by working with us you are joining a network of business that are part of a legacy we are proud of.


Piquant Marketing Owner and Co-Founder