4 New Things You Need for Your Marketing this Year

At this point, you’ve probably seen at least a half-dozen articles talking about what’s new and trending in terms of digital marketing. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what is going to be an actual shift in general marketing strategies and what is just being tested by a few experimental companies. Well, we’re here to vouch for these 4 strategies that we will absolutely be using this year.

Focusing on Instagram Stories

Much to almost everyone’s displeasure, Instagram continues to tweak its algorithm making it harder and harder to find your audiences organically. Instagram is becoming more and more like Facebook in the sense that it’s become really difficult to build and retain an audience without boosting every other post or investing in ads.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram’s story feature offers a fantastic solution for most brands. We consistently see higher engagement for Instagram stories than for posts. That means we’ll be working with influencers for Instagram story takeovers more (rather than traditional sponsored posts or takeovers) and we’ll be playing with paid Instagram story ads.

We’re not the only ones seeing the advantages of Instagram stories, it’s been confirmed by the app Later to be a big trend for 2018 too.

Moving Up the Influencer Pyramid

Because we’ve been working with a few of our clients for a while now, we’re pushing them to move up the 3 Levels of Influencer Marketing to ambassadorships. Expert marketers have been saying that influencer marketing is most effective when it’s done consistently with consistent influencer partnerships. Now that we’ve established who genuinely loves the products we work with and have shown to be of good value, we’ll be working to establish ongoing and long-term partnerships with community members to showcase and educate on our products.

That means contracted and long-term agreements that include content creation, social coverage, and a mutually beneficially and public relationship between our brands and our favourite social personalities. (Want insights on how to become a favourite influencer with any brand? We explained it in our last newsletter (don’t miss the next one and sign up here!).

More Frequency, Less Depth

It’s estimated that a person has to be exposed to your brand 5-7 times before they purchase or respond to a call to action. That means brands need to have patience. It also means that you’ve got to sustain interest because repeating your sales pitch over and over is going to be exhausting for viewers.

When it comes to content creation and social media, we’re working on increased frequency with less in-depth content. That can mean subtle reminders through branded content or more traditional sales messages but we’re working on messages that work together to keep brands top of mind and interesting. Another reason why Instagram stories will be so effective- they don’t have to be as curated and they’re easier to create content for more regularly.

This strategy is especially relevant for newsletters. As long as someone is subscribed, they’re being reminded of you. If they delete 90% of your newsletters but still open 10% then that’s a win. They’re staying subscribed because some of the content is relevant or because they want to be reminded of your brand for when they’re ready to use it. In this case, then more frequent newsletters with less content makes sense.


With the amount of content brands are expected to put out, it doesn’t make sense to create all of it in-house. Yours and my time is too valuable- even though people outsource by hiring us! Your marketing mind should be focusing on bigger picture and strategy, so should you be spending 4 hours a day curating a few Instagram posts? Influencers are so talented today and there are so many apps and resources to create beautiful content that you can outsource quality content cheaply.

We’ll be outsourcing some of the smaller areas of marketing (even if that means our own part-time contractors) like smaller content creation and engaging. It’s something you should be considering as well. If you have someone on your team that can spend an hour a day engaging on social- fantastic. Otherwise, you can get some really social media savvy people to spend their time doing it really cheaply.

Influencers- considering not only pitching branding collaborations but content creation packages too! Smaller brands would likely jump at the chance to get 10 or so photos for social media to help them fill up their content calendar or have a monthly guest blog post for their website.

The key behind this trend is to look at your time, establish its value and decide if you can outsource anything to focus on bigger picture items.

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