How to Make Money Now Through Blogging and Instagram

If you think it's harder than ever for your brand to stand out with a blog and Instagram page then you're right. There are quite a few things working against you: stiff competition, tough algorithms from Instagram, and the ability to offer unique content. Yes, creating a brand or blog has never been easier but standing out has never been harder.

Even your neighborhood micro-influencers have rate sheets and sponsored content. So how can you stand out? What can you do to make it easier for brands and companies to work with you?

We're surprised at how the smallest changes can really make influencers easier to work with, more memorable, and get work more frequently. Here are some small tricks that can give you an edge.

Make Sure You Have a Rate Sheet

We've talked about this before (check out our post on what you need on your rate sheet here) and we won't stop talking about it now. A rate sheet means we don't have to spend valuable and sometimes expensive time getting information from you. Make sure you have your rates, your reach, your impressions, your monthly growth, and always, ALWAYS prices. If influencers don't have prices listed we decide we don't have the time to spend time negotiating. This is especially true for small budgets.

Something many people don't know is that agencies like us save all of the rate sheets we've been sent. So when we're thinking of people to work with or to pitch to a client, we go through these sheets. If you're sending us your rates in an email (not attached as a pdf), then you're not getting scanned and reviewed regularly because we've filed that email away and forgotten about it.

Put Your Brand Name in the Title of Your Rate Sheet File

This is so small but it means we can search your document easier and find it in our electronic files. If Piquant Marketing had a rate sheet and called it PQM Rate Sheet, it's easier for it to get lost since the name isn't in the title. It happens all the time- we don't think we have someone's rate sheet but it's because we saved it with the original and different name in a hurry.

Small change, but every chance you have to be seen or reviewed should be taken.

Create A Timely Offer

We have so many fantastic influencers that we want to work with but we haven't figured out when. Come up with something we have to say yes to immediately. You could be doing a month of reviews for vegan products or a cleanse for January, it doesn't matter. But it's easier for someone to say yes when they know they have to in order to take part of something unique.

Plan your content like a magazine with monthly themes and then leverage that to create special sponsorships. It makes our jobs easier and will likely get more brands saying yes faster.


We remember the influencers that went above and beyond and always pitch them first. We want our clients to be happy and when they get more than they expected, they're happy and we want to work with you again. It could be as small as a Facebook review or an extra Instagram story.

Support Your Favourite Brands, But Not Too Much

If you're always posting about your favourite kombucha on your social feeds, why should they pay you for sponsored content? On the other hand, brands look for supportive and genuine fans to work with. So what gives? It's good to show your support, give them a taste of what your content is like and then pitch them something special. For example, if you love Tempea Foods tempeh, do a couple posts on how much you love them and then offer to do a recipe series on your blog as sponsored content. The idea is to show the brands how you both would be good partners and then give them ideas for even further collaboration.

Get In Touch

It really does make our lives easier when bloggers and influencers reach out. Some of the bigger influencers have agencies but many people we've worked with for paid content simply introduced themselves and sent their rate sheets. It works.


Many times we want to give advice or tips on what we'd like to do the next time around.  If you ask for feedback after your sponsorship, companies will often give you a review that you can include in your rate sheet too!

We love when influencers keep in touch, it makes our job so easy. Make a group address list of marketing agencies, brands, and companies, and send them quarterly e-blasts (please Bcc though!) keeping us in the loop on what content is coming up, updated rates, or new fun things you're working on.  

Want to send us your rate sheet, get in touch, or get on our VIP list for influencer opportunities? Introduce yourself at!