How to Build the Perfect Insta-Worthy Smoothie Bowl

Alright, we know you might be laughing at the title of this blog post, but hear us out, because smoothie bowls are definitely no joke among the vegan Instagram community!

Ever scrolled your feed and wondered just how they do it? You know, how Insta-famous food bloggers create the most perfect looking, lush, indulgent smoothie bowls ever that there’s no way you could ever even attempt yourself?

Well, trust us when we say you can do it too. You too can create an epic, amazing, beautiful, flawless smoothie bowl—you just need to follow a few tricks first.

Instagram Smoothie Bowl Perfection

Plan out the colour of your smoothie

If you try to throw in spinach, kale, red fruit, purple fruit, and yellow fruit, chances are you’ll get a colour that resembles something a little like poop. Not ideal. This is why you have to plan the colour of your smoothie in advance so you know exactly and how much of each ingredient to put in it. It’s a science, really.

If you want a pink smoothie, try using beet powder (we bought ours from the soap dispensary), blue aglae (we like this brand), or something a little darker (we use Pranin Organic smoothie boosters). When choosing a lighter base shade (like bright green, pink, or blue), you’ll want to choose light coloured fruit like pear, mango, apple, and banana to mix with in addition to the superfoods mentioned above to avoid created unwanted colours.

Colours like bright purple are harder, but can be achieved by experimenting with different fruits!

Yellow Smoothie Bowl

Work with frozen fruit only

There’s something about frozen fruit that just works that much better! Your smoothie will be much thicker and it will blender into a dreamsicle-like state. Trust us on this one.


Avoid adding too much liquid

We almost always choose to include some kind of non-dairy milk to make our smoothies look more creamy. Regardless of what liquid you use, try not to use too much. Adding too much liquid will make your smoothie runny and difficult to top and work with later on. Start with a small amount of liquid (say, 1 cup), and work upward from there in between blending times. This will be easy if you have a Vitamix or Ninja blender, but you can always use a food processor if you find your blender just isn’t producing thick enough smoothies. Remember, you can always add liquid in, but you can’t take it back!

Green Smoothie Bowl


Add a light coloured protein powder to make your smoothie look smooth and dreamy

We swear by this trick. A liquid-based smoothie is one thing, but when you add vanilla protein powder, you take your smoothie to an entirely different level. Plus, using protein powder allows you to create more pastel looking colours like bright pink and purple.


Plan out your toppings

Choose toppings that work with the shade of your smoothie (i.e. we use rose petals and coconut chips for pink smoothies, and quinoa puffs and cacao nibs for our chocolate smoothies. Have them ready to go before you even make your smoothie in the blender. Trust us when we say that smoothies melt really fast, and you’ll want your toppings handy for when it’s time to build. Our advice: choose 2-3 fun toppings, including superfoods, cutout/shaped fruit, cereals or granola, etc. The more you experiment, the better!

Gorgeous Smoothie Bowl

Pick a pretty bowl

The bowl is almost as important as the toppings! We absolutely love coconut bowls and white ceramic bowls, but it’s important to pick a bowl that matches your feed and Instagram aesthetic.


Arrange your toppings


This is probably one of the most underrated parts of having a good smoothie game. Many people choose to layer in a half moon shape around the perimeter of the bowl, or you can create parallel lines of toppings. Alternatively, you can just go for the “everything spread out in over the entire bowl” look, that actually can work if done properly! See the images below for examples.

You see, it’s all in the details! Now you’re on your way to becoming an Instagram smoothie expert. Don’t forget to tag us in your creations!

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