Here's What a Blogger Rate Sheet Should Have

One of the biggest trends in marketing right now involves working with 'Micro Influencers'. And the good news is that if you're reading this, you likely are one! Anyone with a social channel with a follower count from 5k-30k(ish) is considered a micro influencer and we've been actively working with people like you since Piquant Marketing was created.

If you're someone who is looking to work with brands on your social page then a rate sheet is a must! (As mentioned by Sisley in our interview with her.

For some people this seems intimidating but really anyone can do it and since we've had a number of people ask us what should be on it, so we're breaking it down for you!

Show us the numbers

This is the first thing you should find to put on any rate kit (even if you're going to charge money or not....more on that later). We're looking for your followers, engagement, and site traffic. If you have a blog or website and you don't tell us how many unique people visit per month you have and how often they visit we don't know if your price is fair or not. If you have the demographics of your visitors, time spent on your site, or an influencer score, it will all help convince companies you're worth partnering with. 

Give a price, any price 

One of the most common (and annoying) things we see is rate sheets without....rates. We get it though! We've been there; where we weren't sure what to charge and wanted to make custom quotes for each customer. But being on the other end the first thing we think is 'How much work do I have to do to find out if this is in my price range?' Even if you only have a couple of rates but are willing to make custom packages, put something in there. That being said, your lowest price is the most important....

Your lowest price is the most important, even if it's free. 

This sounds like an odd thing to say because it's not about who's cheapest. It's about who provides the most value. However, the first thing we do when we look over a rate sheet is look for the lowest rate because we immediately know the starting point. We might not even go with that option but it's the quickest way for us to see what is in our price range and what is beyond. Some influencers offer free packages because they're starting out, they want a review they can use in their updated rate sheet, and because they want to have some examples to show future brands. This is totally fine, just have a game plan for when you're going to start charging for your efforts. Others might offer free posts because they want to start a relationship, so a limited time free offer.

You don't have to be the cheapest to get the sponsorships but you need to show people what the starting rate is. 

It helps if it's pretty

Yep.  Some people just send us an email with their rates which is totally fine, but if you want to build your case, stand out, and show that you understand branding is a part of every communication then take some time to make it nice with photos and branded fonts

Think about the upsell

Give your customers the opportunity to do more with you. Maybe it's bundled packages or discounts for when they purchase two sponsored posts at once. If we can get more for our money (and you can earn more money) then it's a win for both of us. Can you do an insta-story, come up with a recipe, or do a give-away on your site? Offer those as add-on's.

Follow Up

Ask why a client didn't decide to partner with you and how you can offer more value for them next time. Or ask what their experience was, you might end up with a repeat customer or changing someone's mind. The first people we usually turn to are the ones we have relationships with and trust so whether someone says yes or no, keep the communication going!

Want to send us your rate sheet or work with local bloggers? Send us an email at!