Getting personal with Piquant Marketing Co-Founder & Marketing Director Lindsay O'Donnell

Lindsay, we have years working together behind us and now we’ve been through one big year together growing Piquant Marketing. You’d think we would know more than we ever wanted to know about each other after countless projects and late night texts, but I still have questions! I know you have great insight for other budding entrepreneurs out there and even some good reminders for me, so I’ve put together some questions so everyone can get to know you better.


If you could go back in time and talk to yourself a year ago, what would you say?

For the record, this question is much easier to ask other people than it is to answer yourself. I guess I would tell myself that this process is going to be longer and harder than you thought but ultimately you'll be grateful for that. Celebrate the little victories and don't try to rush things (I tend to do that). Don't be afraid to know your worth, to acknowledge that your time is valuable, and don't be afraid to say no. Also take some days off.

If you could share only one sentence to a room of entrepreneurs at the same spot we were in a year ago, what would it be?

Ok this is going to be a long answer. But you and I have been to a ton of networking and speaking events where people with their own businesses make it seem so easy. Big bloggers will say that they just started documenting their lives or whatever and all of sudden they had 100,000 visitors per month or people have quit their job for their side hustle and within a year they were making twice the money. I HATE THIS. This is so false and I never ever believe it. 

So what I would tell entrepreneurs who are in their first year is that this is work. Hard work and that should be celebrated. So when things are hard, know that they are supposed to be hard. When things are unknown, they are supposed to be unknown. 

I often had people questioning when I planned to go back to a normal job and there was a voice in the back of my head wondering what they expected starting your own business was going to be like. The fact that we and anybody else is choosing this and embracing the hard work is f**king awesome.

What is your personal vision for yourself and this company? 

You know that I describe a little company Utopia as my dream for this company. I see us with happy and fulfilled employees with flexible schedules, I see us working with talented people (both as clients, employees, and partners), mentoring industry newbies, and being known for being genuinely invested in the success of our clients.

I want us to be seen as calculated risk takers, aggressively ambitious, and as two business owners who know their stuff.

Photo credit: Georgia Straight

Photo credit: Georgia Straight

How do you think you've changed since becoming an entrepreneur? (If at all?)

I've changed so much. I'm much more confident and bold (thanks to the cold calling), I think I'm more patient, and oddly I've become much more spiritual. In the beginning there's so much to take in that I started meditating more and I had more time to workout so that's helped me connect with the world and made me happier. 

No boundaries, who would be your dream client? 

I would love to work with a city, maybe Tourism Kelowna so we could visit local farms, wineries, and promote the beauty of the places we live. 

Followup -  who would be a dream influencer to work with?

This is hard! I don't even know if these are influencers but I'm a big fan of Martha Stewart, Meeru Dhalwala, or Tal Ronnen.

If not Marketing Whiz, what would Lindsay’s job title be?

I think I would be an amazing philanthropist or socialite. I have this fantasy about one day becoming a nurse and instagramming photos of coffee in the middle of the night with the caption #nurselife! 

Three words that people who know you would use to describe you to a stranger?

I have no idea! Probably energetic, creative, and ambitious.

When we’re juggling multiple clients, it’s inevitable that we have times when we hit a wall. Where do you turn for inspiration?

Usually just taking time to re-charge will help me get excited about something. I like to watch Chef's Table to get inspired not only for the chef's creativity but also for their grit. I read a lot of cookbooks, something about it really gets my creative juices going. I also read alot of magazines like Bon Appetit, Vancouver Magazine, Vaniety Fair, Edible Vancouver, and try to read books regularly.

Share one quote that gets you pumped up every time.

I'm not bossy, I'm the boss. -Beyonce

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