Branding & Ambassadorships with Jordan Bruce

Ever wonder how Instagrammers become ambassadors? How are they finding these opportunities and what do they entail? We sat down with holistic nutritionist Jordan Bruce who has worked with several brands (All without a blog! Even though we've been pestering her for years...) and has acted as official ambassadors for such brands as SPUD. and Pranin Organic. We asked her to spill the beans and give us some tips on how you can be compensated through your social presence and what to expect when you're an official representative of a brand. 

How did you start connecting with brands you liked?

It's all about social media! I follow the brands I love on all their channels and subscribe to their newsletters. I communicate with brands the most on Instagram and actively start forming a relationship naturally. I love finding their recipe ideas, seeing local products, and getting new tips.

How have you started to find ambassador programs to be a part of?

Working with brands is new to me. I have been very lucky and a few companies have reached out to me through social media because they thought I was a natural fit. I was using SPUD Delivers and promoting it without any personal benefit before being asked to be an influencer. I love supporting local companies and developing those relationships.

What has been your experience with these programs and how do you find the right ones for you?

So far it's been great partnering with local brands. I'm always actively looking for new opportunities to connect and start conversations. I know it's hard, I'm busy like everyone else! I am currently working two jobs and going to night school.

That being said I only partner with companies that align with my values. It has to be authentic so viewers trust the storyteller. For example, my mom and I were eating at Eternal Abundance and I saw Pranin Organic in the whole foods supplements section. I was sharing what I like about this Richmond-based company and the next week I got an Instagram message asking to be an affiliate.

That being said- don't be afraid to ask! If you really love a company and its products, introduce yourself!

Each program is different so make sure to review the agreement or partnership outline to ensure it's something that provides value to you and is something you can execute. 

What advice do you have for someone looking to become an ambassador themselves?

I would recommend ensuring it's a natural fit, you really have to truly love the product and understand it. Don't be shy! Reach out and even if they decline to partner, they likely won't forget you. Then move onto the next opportunity. Having a media kit ensures you're ready for a partnership when a brand or company wants to learn more about you. I think these kinds of partnerships are the direction most companies are going these days. (Confession: I don't have a media kit but Piquant Marketing is pressuring me to get one soon!)

What's next for Bruce's Roots?

A website! I have so much knowledge about living a plant-based life I want to help others feel great too. Just because someone is a vegan doesn't mean they eat clean, so I'd love to be able to offer more health tips. I love cooking but I also enjoy eating out so my favourite plant-forward restaurants will be on the website for sure. 

My site will also be the perfect place to talk more about my professional career  at Live Blood Cell Analysis at Aurora Integrative Medical and DNA Power. Plus I'm always on Instagram sharing my plant-based meals that are easy to make and filling!

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