An Interview with Sisley from The Pure Life

One of the best things about running your own marketing agency is that you're constantly working with driven, talented, and inspiring people. We're not shy about saying that Sisley from The Pure Life is one of our favourite people and brands to work with. We think there is so much we can learn from her since we're seeing her turn her passion and knowledge into a profitable brand right before our eyes.

Sisley graciously answered some of our questions and shared some insights on growing your own brand.

What do you think is the best thing you can do to build your brand?

Be yourself! As cheesy as this sounds, people are really drawn to your most honest, unique self. Be you and live your lifestyle and others will follow. If you are a brand looking to build your social audience, I recommend building that image of your ideal lifestyle and putting an honest face in front of it. Be yourself- it's almost too easy!

Also, connect with like-minded people, influencers, bloggers, brands, businesses in your community. This will create an interactive, social and loyal audience that you can be proud of.

Once you had the audience, how did you start approaching brands and monetizing your own brand?

It was definitely a journey for me. I did reach out to a few other bloggers who helped in terms of creating a basic idea of how to collaborate with brands. I then built a mini media kit and began reaching out to brands. Your media kit is one of the first impressions they will have of you, so I recommend making it super pretty and make sure it resembles what you brand truly stands for. Blogging is a new business (with looser guidelines) so I am constantly learning every day.

Monetizing your blog can be confusing, but with a supportive blogging community, it can actually be quite simple. I often turn to websites like Food Bloggers of Canada for tips and I am part of a few Facebook and Instagram support groups which are awesome. 

Reaching out to brands is part of my daily job, but it is also such a fun part of the business- I get to connect with really cool brands that have the same values as I do!

What's in the future for The Pure Life?

So many things! This has always been my problem- I have like 50 ideas and I want to do them all now! Haha- but honestly I've decided to return back to why I initially started this blog- I simply want to help families eat better, specifically the ones who are struggling to cater to various specific diets, as this is how I grew up. 

The struggle is real! You will definitely see some awesome collaborations this year, with lots of local and Canadian companies. I will also be offering 1 on 1 private nutritional consultations this year, so stay tuned for the launch of that through my site. You can always expect lots of yummy plant-based recipes, as usual. 2017 is going to be an amazing year of connecting, learning and growing as a person and a brand. Living The Pure Life has never felt more perfect!