50 Things to You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Increase Your Instagram Presence

Do you ever look at Instagram accounts that aren't much different than yours but seem to have many more followers than you? Sometimes people get lucky and get re-posted on very large accounts, or have been featured by Instagram, but not always. Many times its just persistence and some creativity.

Here are 50 tips to boost your Instagram presence.

1. Update your Instagram profile. Think about keywords that people would use to find your content and make sure to have an updated link to your latest blog post or project.

2. Start engaging. Many of the most popular personal accounts make a huge effort to comment and like on similar accounts. 

3. Collaborate! Send someone a message today asking about working on a project together or taking over each other's accounts for a couple of days (it works best with accounts that are about the same size as yours).

4. Plan out your content. It makes life so much easier if you have an idea what you'll be posting in the next few days or to know when relevant holidays or events are coming up.

5. Plan a contest! We've seen small food Instagrammers give away cupcakes or cookies. Even on a small level, you can reach new followers.

6. Spend some time improving your photography skills. There are endless resources online, take some time to perfect your pictures and content. 

7. Promote your Instagram everywhere! Add it to your email signature, your business cards, your other social profiles, and anywhere else you promote your brand. 

8.  Reach out to brands and offer your services. You never know! Reach out to your favourite local brands and offer to do a takeover or take some photos for them.

9. Tag accounts that re-post your type of content. There are endless accounts on Instagram that only re-post specific photos (food, cars, coffee, etc). Take some time to find them, see what type of content they repost and then tag them in your future posts.

10. Use the right hashtags. Go to some large Instagram accounts that are similar to yours and see what hashtags they're using. Many times using the right hashtag can get you re-posted. Often it's the most simple ones that will get you attention (#yum).

11. Don't be shy about following back. Yes, it would be nice to be Beyonce who doesn't have to follow anyone back, but you are not Beyonce (a fact that makes us sad every day). Be generous with following back. It's about building a community, right?

11. Delete content that isn't your best. When people find you, they're going to look at your whole page. So delete any content that doesn't fully represent you. We all love to remember that drunken night singing on the bridge but maybe that photo full of red eyes and blurry dancing doesn't go with your lifestyle brand.

12. Send someone a compliment. Really admire someone's style and content? Send them a message saying so! You never know what a simple compliment can turn into.

13. Talk about the products or brands you love. Make sure it makes sense for your brand and that it is something you actually would recommend. You never know when that brand will share your content or engage with you.

14.  Create Instastories. The best thing about these stories with a 24 hour life is that they're not meant to be as curated or professional as your timeline posts, so give people a glimpse of your process, your day, and your brand.

15. Make a Live Instastory. Like Facebook, Instagram seems to give preference to live stories so if you're going to sit down and talk about your area of expertise then make it a live video!

16. Ask someone you admire to answer some questions for you that is relevant to your brand and page. Then post the answers on your page or your Instastory. We did with with Sisley from the Pure Life and we got a great response!

17. Having a hard time posting consistent content? We get it. Curating and editing beautiful photos takes time and it's hard to post once a day. Fill in some content with graphic quotes that you can easily make with Canva or Over.

18.  Subscribe or listen to a social media marketing podcast. Not sure which ones to listen to? We have some suggestions for you here.

19. Start an Instagroup. Everyone who joins the group agrees to like and comment on each other's posts. Simply send a message to everyone who is interested and have everyone send their posts to the group. It's not public and it's a great way to connect and support each other. (Don't know how to send a post? Just click the little paper airplane icon beside the comment button on any post.)

20. Make use of 'LB', 'L4L' or 'CB'. This one is sneaky. Every see people commenting with just 'LB', 'L4L', or 'CB' on a very popular Instagram page? It means 'Like Back', 'Like for Like' or 'Comment Back' and it's a quick way to boost your posts. It's time consuming but it's a great way to boost your posts and rankings. Not sure where to find people who want likes for likes? Check out Kylie Jenner's page. 

21. See who is following similar pages to yours and follow them or comment on their photos. Are you a foodie? Find a really popular page from your area and see who is commenting on those posts. It's likely they'll be interested in your content too. Check out their pages, comment on their posts, and follow them.

22. Interact on popular pages. Instead of just commenting on Martha Stewart's posts, interact with other commenters. Instead of saying 'Looks delicious Martha you minx!' try 'We agree with @lindsayisvegan and @piquantmarketing- this looks better than a Hemsworth in a pool!'. It can get you attention and introduce yourself to them. 

23. Find the right time to post. Every brand is different and it's great to experiment but there are better times to post than others

24. Use a platform like Hootsuite not only to schedule your posts but monitor hashtags.  We like to make sure we're engaging with foodies in our area so there are super specific hashtags that we look for and ensure to engage with it. Each one of our clients will have specific hashtags as well, it's great way to find the exact people you want to engage with. 

25. Use a free trail of Iconosquare. We love this program and the bigger your Instagram account is the better the data is. But why not get some in-depth analytics with a free trail? 

26.  Check out Buzzsumo to find popular content. Type in the most popular webpage in your industry and it will tell you what the most talked about content on the page is. It's a great way to see what sort of content people are looking for. 

27. Answer some questions that are related to your field in Quora and mention your Instagram. It's a great way to stand out as an expert in your field, offer some advice, and introduce your brand to people looking to find answers in the area you're working in. (Get even more details on how this can support your marketing goals here).

28. Keep the conversation going. Instead of commenting 'Nice pic!' on another post, ask them a question like 'Did you drink red or white wine when you made this?' or 'Any tips for making this while camping? Just kidding I don't camp.' By inviting them to a conversation you're standing out and making yourself more memorable and more likely to be seen in big pool of comments.

29. Subscribe to a social media blog or spend 5 minutes a day keeping yourself in the loop on what's new. All social platforms change their features and update regularly. Being the first to make use of them helps you stand out and keep your page relevant. We like Hubspot, Social Media Examiner, and Hootsuite's blog.

30. Create a profile in an influencer platform. This only works for individual brands but there are many websites where individuals can create profiles for companies and brands to find for sponsorships and partnerships. Here's a list to give you an idea of what's available. 

31. Learn from the best and then make it your own. This is one of our favourite blog posts ever on how one man made his Instagram his full time job. 

32. Develop your signature style. Maybe it's a type of shot or they way you write your comments but followers should know your photos immediately without seeing your name. Check out Thug Kitchen for their unique voice, Drake on Cake for their ironic cakes, or When They Find Us for breahtaking photo arrangements. 

33. Make your profile public and don't post more than twice a day. These are two tips but they're obvious so we made them into one (and yet you'd be surprised how many people forget to follow these rules). 

34. Smile and include people! Pictures with people have shown to have the highest engagement so break up your food, travel, or pet photos with ones of yourself or other people in your feed. 

35. Take some time to identify your themes- and stick with them. The most popular accounts generally stick to a few themes. It makes a more concise and better-branded account. It makes it easier to decide what to post and what not to, people follow your account because they are interested in your themes so stick to them as much as possible. 

36. Include your caption in your photo. This can help your photos stand out, resonate faster, and make them your own. But stick with a consistent style and colour otherwise it will look random in your feed.

37. Remember to geo-tag your pictures. It's adding one more way for people searching to find your posts. You can also add it to your instastories too!

38. Ask questions in your posts. You'll be initiating conversation and will likely see an increase in comments. 

39. Tag other Instagrammers in your posts. It can be as simple as 'We're feeling inspired by all the talented people we follow on Instagram- thank you for keeping the bar high!'. You might be introducing yourself to your favourite profiles and they'll likely comment and like your picture. Just don't do it too often or with too many people.

40. Follow your Facebook friends on Instagram. Now that the two platforms are the same company, you can find your FB friends in your Instagram account and who better to follow you back then someone who has confirmed your friendship on Facebook?

41. Find out which of your posts have gained you the most followers and which have lost you the most with a tool like Crowdfire

42. Link your profile to your Facebook page. This is only available to businesses with official Facebook pages but it's really quick and you'll get better analytics with your Instagram posts.

43. Try posting a gif or stop motion video! Try Party Party app for gifs and Stop Motion App for simple stop motion videos 

44. Embed your Instagram photos on your blog or website. Just like we're doing here! Click the three little dots beside the 'like' button on an Insta post and you'll see a pop-up asking if you want the embed code. Copy that and embed it into your blog post. Many blogs will have an option for you to copy the code right onto your page.

45. Play with Timelapse videos or Boomerangs. Both are super easy to do click here for instructions on taking a timelapse. Boomerangs can be taken right in your Instagram profile or from your Instastory. 

46. Tag other accounts in your Instastory. This is a great way to introduce yourself and include others in your Instastory. Simply tag someone the same way you would in a regular post.

47. Format your Instagram profile. Wonder how people are perfectly spacing their profiles with emojis? Get the details here.

48. Automatically post your Instagram posts to Facebook. Instructions here

49.  See what your friends are liking and commenting. Usually when you click 'activity', it shows you what engagement you've had on your own posts. Switch the tab to 'followers' (better instructions here) to see what is getting the attention of the people you follow.

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