5 Things Social Media Marketers Wish You Knew

It happens in every industry, you assume that people know the same things you do. And when you come up against common misconceptions or incorrect perceptions, it can be a bit jarring. How does everyone not see things the way you do!?!

Well, we're going to let you inside of our world by sharing our top 5 most common and most incorrect assumptions we frequently come across in our industry. 

1. Being Millennial Doesn't Automatically Make You Good At Social Media

We completely understand this one. The thinking is that our generation grew up with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It's how we communicate, share, and connect. You wouldn't believe how often we run into companies who have hired someone to do their social media marketing based mostly on their age group. Because no one can connect better to Millenials than one of their own right? Sorry, but probably not.

There are flaws with this logic. We would never assume that since we grew up with movies we could write one, right? 

This misconception usually comes with our next one;

2. Personal Facebook Accounts are the Same as Business Profiles

This is similar to our first point. The thinking is that if someone has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Snapchat account then this makes them qualified to run a business page.

Using social media for marketing is an entirely different beast than for a personal one. Even if someone has amassed a large following on their personal channels, this doesn't necessarily mean it will translate to the skills required to sell your brand and products. 

Marketers spend years studying, experimenting, and learning about the nuances of how to communicate as a brand rather than a person. (Our bodies have become curved from being hunched over our laptops.) 

There is an exception. 

If someone has been able to create their own brand through their personal profiles and leverage it for income, e-commerce sales, or advertising dollars then this is a much better indicator of someone who understands how to communicate with calls to action online.

3. Seeing Results Will Take Time

Trust us. When we take over a client's social page and immediately begin posting beautiful, branded, and unique content it guts us that we don't see immediate results. But the truth is, it takes time.

It takes a while to reach new followers because of social algorithms , because of audience acceptance, and for your new approach to resonate.

We don't expect to really see the fruits of our efforts until 2-3 months in.

4. You Don't Need to Be On Every Platform

It really is much better to have a large engaged following on one social channel then diluted efforts on all of them. We've noticed that some of Instagram's biggest and most followed accounts either don't even have a Twitter or Facebook page or have very small followings. Knowing what you want to do on each channel and then deciding if it's worth your time is really what we advise.

5. You Might Not Get Complete Measurable Results

Social media is often a part of a repeat-exposure campaign and it can act as a support strategy for other efforts. But in most cases, you're not going to be able to measure its effectiveness 100% because it's working harmoniously with other efforts.

But, you can experiment with promotions or events that are promoted solely online to test the effectiveness to get a feel for its effect but generally, social media is a day to day part of an integrated strategy.

That being said, your social media should serve as so much more than just advertising. It should be used for customer research, customer service, branding, and most of all- fun! Social media can be so fun for both your team and your customers! The best thing you can do with your social media is have fun because it will read through the content and platforms.