5 of the Best Pieces of Career Advice We've Ever Gotten

There seems to be no shortage of advice or opinions in this world, particularly when you're not asking for them. However, every once and a while you'll get a gem, a few words that turn your world upside down and open up new possibilities. You keep them tucked in your soul so you can secretly peak at them regularly. 

You'd think that after a combined 20+ years in the professional workforce we could write a book with all the good advice we've received. Sadly, not so much. 

But there's really nothing better then a few words said in passing that fuel you for the rest of your life. We're sharing the best bits of career advice we've gotten (so far)

1. Stay in Your Lane

At first, this sounds repugnant. It sounds condescending and our first instinct is to shout back "I WILL DO WHATEVER I WANT BECAUSE THERE IS NO GLASS CEILING IN MY WORLD!" but before we got on our soapbox for our feminist rants, this needed to be broken down for us.

It really means to stick with what you're great at, play to your skills, and focus. It doesn't mean not taking risks or staying where you 'belong'. In marketing in particular, it can be tempting to think you need to be an expert at everything: SEO, social media, web design, etc. And in every field, it's easy to see something amazing that someone else is doing and believe that you need to drop what you're doing and copy them. You'd barely start something before dropping everything for something else.

Focus on your goal, your skill, and your niche. Stay in your lane and look at the finish line.

2.  You Can't Edit Nothing

We're big fans of Lainey Gossip and her podcast 'Show Your Work'. She talks a lot about the beauty of work and the process of creating something great. She says 'you can't edit nothing' regularly and she's right. Almost everything is crap the first time you attempt it but you can't improve nothing.

Get started, know that it'll probably be mortifyingly awful in the beginning and be prepared to keep working until it's where you want it to be. 

3. Expectations are Pre-Determined Disappointments

One of Lindsay's very first mentors said this and it's really helped with personal and professional career relationships. It's very seldom that someone will live up to our personal expectations for a number of reasons: we communicate differently, have different values, and are all dealing with our own challenges. 

Know that we all express gratitude, loyalty, and appreciation differently. If you're frustrated with someone in your life, try removing the expectations you have of them and you might be surprised how much more productive that relationship becomes.

4. F*ck That

God this is fun to say. It's so satisfying and perfectly poetic. We find it's most effective to say it to the voices of doubt in our head, the haters and non-believers, and for situations that seem impossible. We mostly say it in our heads but one day we're going to have it framed in our office. 

You say we won't be able to start our own company? Get that big client? Overdeliver? F*ck that because we can and we will.

5. Trust Your Journey

We live in a world where we share our coffees to our world travels on social media. It can be easy to feel inadequate, small, or frustrated. Why don't I have what they have? Why didn't success come as easily to me? There are a million self-help sites on the internet to help you calm down but we find these 3 words are as effective as any of them.

Know that your path is different and that if you stay focused, you'll get to where you're going. You're seeing someone's best life on social media so take a breath and trust your own journey, you have to take it one step at a time.

What's the best piece of career advice you've ever received?

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