Marketing Podcasts We Can't Live Without

It blows our minds when people tell us they don't listen to podcasts. What do you listen to while you drive, workout, cook, or take a bath? Ok, we might have a problem but we are currently subscribed to about 20 podcasts and feel stressed when they start to pile up.

They're also vital for our business. Podcasts are such an easy and fun way to get inspired, stay informed, keep your finger on the pulse, and stay sharp.

Here are our favourite podcasts that we never miss.

Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

We're such big fans of this daily podcast and even though it's never more than 10 minutes long, we always have a page full of notes when it ends. These guys are at the top of the marketing industry and they're giving candid, specific, and actionable advice. They'll tell you exactly what their web traffic is, how much they're spending on PR, and what revenues they've earned for an online seminar. Occasionally, they'll also give you some sneaky advice on how to save a chunk of money on your marketing efforts.

This is a must listen for experienced or beginner marketers.

The Social Media Examiner

We were sad to see this one end but it's worth going back and listening to old episodes especially if you're newer to social media marketing. Even for experienced marketers, their podcasts are a great reminder of all the tools and tricks available to you in social media. 

Their very last episode was one of our absolute favourite marketing episodes that we'd ever heard and if you only listen to one- listen to that one!


Not specifically a marketing podcast but essential for us creative types. Often times in marketing we get caught up in the visual, the experience, and brand building but this podcast will remind you to keep economics in mind.

Guests hosts often talk about human behaviour, motivations, and psychology. It's totally absorbing and economists can be surprisingly funny.

Stuff You Should Know

One of the best podcasts available right now hands down, mostly because of how damn likable Josh and Chuck are. If you hate tangents and getting off track to talk about Christopher Walken movies then this isn't for you.

Most of the episodes aren't relevant for your business but within their huge bank of podcasts recorded, there are some interesting and insightful ones. Episodes include the history of famous products or businesses which are worth your time. However, the History of PR will blow your mind so listen to that first.

And just for fun...The Mystery Show

Hilarious, beautiful, and sometimes baffling. This will have you counting the days until the next season. Plus it answers the modern day mystery: "How tall is Jake Gyllenhaal?"

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