Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Full disclosure.  We love LinkedIn. We really really love it. What's not to love? It's where you can showcase all your professional achievements, education, writing, and be found for partnerships, collaborations, or opportunities. LinkedIn has been making major changes over the years to position itself as a hub of industry news, thought leadership, employment branding, and media. What's not to love?

So it pains us when we see ambitious, bright, and eager peers are not making the most of this platform. Even if you're not looking for a new job, why not ensure you're being found for any type of opportunity?

The best thing about LinkedIn is how easy it is to improve your potential to be found and it's much less time intensive than other platforms. Spending 5 mins a week is enough to keep your profile current and frequently viewed. Here's how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Gwyneth Patlrow LinkedIn

Put Your Best Face Forward

The easiest and fastest thing you can do is to keep your profile picture current and professional. That doesn't mean it has to be a boring head shot, but pictures from your latest vacation or night out with the buddies warns searchers that you don't have an accurate barometer for professional boundaries.

Add a background picture! This is so easy and it shows that you know the power of presentation. Not sure what background to use? LinkedIn has a few sample pictures that you can use. But make sure that they match the tone of your page and picture. If you're criminal lawyer then a background picture of puppies doesn't make sense.

Update Your Settings

Changing your settings can make a big difference in how your profile ranks and how easily it's found. Click on the link below your profile picture like in Lindsay's profile above to make a custom url that is short and looks nice when sending it as a link. Otherwise LinkedIn will give you an automatic url that is made of random letters and numbers.

Decide what you want to publish. If you're going to be making more than a few changes to your profile, then turn off the setting that notifies your followers of every change you make. It means every time you add anything to your profile, it's going to show up in their newsfeed- which is annoying.

Share the Love

Recommendations, endorsements, and followers all boost your ranking. The best way to do this is to simply ask for these from your connections but also do the same in return. Endorsements are the easiest to give; anytime you visit someone's profile you'll be asked to endorse them for certain skills.

Evaluate Your Wording

Having your details and a summary of yourself is important but it's also important to think about how you want to be found. If you have a dream job, then look at job postings for it and be sure to include key-words from those postings. Are you a manager who wants to move to a director role? Same thing. It's not always as obvious as you think. Sometimes managers are called 'Team Leaders' and that's not a search-friendly term. Use key-words frequently in your LinkedIn summary or job descriptions that are consistent with your dream job or ideal opportunities.

It's always valuable to include how many people you've managed, projects you've led, and results you produced.

Mix Up Your Media

If you've created something public or led something public for your company- add it to your work experience! Instructions on how to do that are here. It gives more depth to your roles and the visuals make your profile more impactful.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Share your expertise in your field, position yourself as a thought leader, and drive traffic to your profile but writing articles. These can be shared on your business and personal sites and will increase your ranking on LinkedIn.


Just like any other social platform, being active, engaging, and initiating conversations are all good for your personal brand and your profile.

Join the Group

Joining groups has a positive effect on your ranking, it can connect you with those in your industry or the industry you want to be in, and they're displayed on your profile showing everyone else who you're connected with. Plus you can be a part of up to 50 groups! This is one of the easist things you can do immediately to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Odds & Ends

Make sure to update anything else that is relevant to your career, LinkedIn has spaces for everything. Know a few languages, written for a publication, won an award, or done some volunteering? All of these are assets for your LinkedIn profile.

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