How to get invites, free product, and sponsorships from Marketing Agencies (like us!)

We're always amazed to see people getting free products, invites to cool events, or even making a living from their blog and Instagram. How do they do that? Sometimes they don't even have that many followers and aren't professional photographers or writers. How are they getting noticed? Are they approaching companies or are they approaching them?

So many questions!

However being on the other side, it's our job to find people to try products, come to events, and collaborate with. You might be surprised to learn that it isn't hard at all. Here are our tips on how to start making the most of your blog or social page.

Engage with the Brands You Genuinely Like

It's obvious but true. When we're looking for people to invite to an event, give out free product, choose as ambassadors, or partner with, we look for those that have engaged the most with a brand on their social pages. Regardless of their social following, professional photography, or if it looks like they haven't had any partnerships in the past.

Bottom line is that if you promote a product or brand because you love it- you're the best person to work with, in our perspective.  

Ask and You Shall Receive

It makes our job easy if someone who really loves a brand reaches out to collaborate. Often times companies are busy or the thought hadn't occurred to them. Someone offering to promote their product and all they want is samples? Yes please! If you are at a place where you're charging for sponsorships (good for you!) it's extremely helpful to have that rate card at our disposal. 

Please PLEASE introduce yourself!

Pick Your Favourites and Stick with Them

If we find your blog or social page and you're recommending something every other day, we're going to think you're not being genuine and that our potential partnership is going to get lost. 

Only recommend products you truly love, purchase, and believe in.

Be Polite

The truth is that there are endless bloggers, Instagrammers, and social media stars. Unless you're turning down sponsorships left and right, it's important to be polite. Not a fan of a product, don't feel the opportunity is a good fit, or not interested in an event? Those that respond politely, even if it is to decline, are ones that we will contact again. Even if something was missed in your spam folder and you find it months later- make sure to respond.

If we send out an email, invite, offer, or introduction and don't get a response (or one that isn't very friendly) we're not going to bother again-ever. It doesn't matter if we have a different brand or are working on something totally different, we don't want to waste our time (or the time of our clients).

(FYI-Steph from Candy Complex is  a delight!)

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