A Note to Our Sweet and Naive 2016 Selves

2016 is almost over and it feels like we've aged a decade (at least in career years). Knowing what we do now, what would we go back and tell ourselves? Well in the spirit of the Ghost of Christmas Past, we've written a letter to our younger, more naive, and better-rested selves.

Dear Kiki and Lolo of 2016,

You guys look great today. Doing something new with your hair? It's working.

You're thinking of leaving the life of security, regular pay cheques, benefits, and predictability behind. And yes, when you put it in writing, it sounds totally insane. 

We are writing you from the future to say, it is insane and you should do it. But we want to prepare you with some tips we wish we had had:

1. Everything is going to be harder than you think.

It doesn't mean you're not capable but be assured that even something as simple as creating a Facebook post is harder when you're trying to establish a process, define a brand, and create or modify your own tools. 

2. Never wear pigtails to a meeting.

Just trust us on this one. We barely recovered from it.

3. Trust the Process

This is one of the hardest things to do. Nothing is going to be immediate so you're going to have to trust yourself and each other. Trust your journey even if your bank account reminds you of the Hindenburg Blimp.

4. Let Go of Words of Affirmation

This one was a bit shocking. At a regular job someone is literally invested in your success (and likely your happiness) so you'll be praised for a good job and guided when you stumble. With your own company, your clients rightly expect an outstanding job and don't have time to pet your little ego. You're going to have to celebrate your own milestones and any additional praise is icing.

5. You Can Do It

Trust us, it hurts us to say something this sappy as much as it hurts you to hear it. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Go to work, flip a few tables, and say sayonara to those suckers who you're leaving behind!

-Kiki & Lolo of 2017

*Just kidding. It doesn't go like this at all and you keep in touch with a lot of wonderful people from your last job.

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