Why Employment Branding Is Critical To Your Marketing Plan

'Employment Branding' is sort of like the words 'Marketing' or...'Synergy'. It's tossed around frequently but do people really know what it means? And are they talking about the same thing?

To put it simply, 'Employment Branding' is an extension of your overall marketing strategy that focuses on your company as an employer. It's an extension because it speaks to your consumer audience and beyond. Showing that your employees are well taken care of, that you support social causes, or are in a place where staff can grow; all can enhance the brand you've built, lower recruiting costs, and increase the quality of applicants.

We won't even get into the endless amounts of statistics talking about how a brand's reputation is now a priority for candidates, how they are easily assessing opportunities through online reputations, or the cost acquiring each new candidate. Trust us...it's endless.

But it's already challenging enough getting your target market to hear your message and have it resonate, so how do companies organically add employment branding to existing messaging? Surprisingly, with a little bit of planning it can be easy.

Decide What Messages Go Where

Giving recognition to your team can be great for morale and offer a face of your brand to your customers but for some companies, this doesn't make sense in many of their marketing channels. 

Lululemon does employment branding better than just about anyone we've seen. They even have a Twitter account dedicated just to employment opportunities. But they are selective about where they talk about their employees and their work culture. For instance, they have a dedicated Twitter but generally, don't mention staff on their Instagram.

This also means that they can direct social inquiries directly to this Twitter page and dedicate their other pages solely to other key messages.

Some companies include employment branding messages throughout all their channels and some restrict it to LinkedIn, it depends on your brand, your goals, and your messages.

Empower and Organize You Employees

By investing small amounts of time every few months, companies can reap endless amounts of benefits by empowering their employees to share their work experiences. The first step is to have your marketing team decide what they want the world to see and where; thereby developing a plan.

Then share the plan internally so the everyone is clear on what to share, where, what hashtags to use, and what is confidential.

But here's the key that many companies miss: you have to offer incentives! It could be as simple as offering cards to one random employee who uses a hashtag every month or companies can plan fun events and encourage employees to share. Regular reminders and new prizes help keep engagement high.

You Can't Market What's Not There

To put it bluntly; if your workplace isn't a productive, positive, or supportive place to be then you will never ever convince people otherwise. And why would you want to? Word of mouth is powerful, especially with sites like Glassdoor (which we strongly recommend your company monitor and respond to) and LinkedIn where applicants can reach out to former and current employees.

If your workplace has low moral then marketing is not a solution, in fact, if makes companies look dishonest. A social committee or an employee survey to determine priority issues is a better use of immediate time.

LinkedIn is Your Friend

We love Linkedin. Let us repeat. WE LOVE LINKEDIN. Are you following us yet on LinkedIn? Let's connect! LinkedIn is where people are looking to connect, where they are looking to partner, and where they are finding opportunities. If someone is looking up a company similar to yours it is very likely LinkedIn will suggest they check out your page.

But this social platform is for so much more than jobs, it's to promote work events, networking opportunities, and highlight your own employees. LinkedIn is the ground zero for Employment Branding so make sure to spend some time looking at all the features and keep your page updated!

There are endless ideas for being creative and thinking outside the box when it comes to employment branding and above all, because it's about recognizing your employees and showcasing what a great company you have- it's going to be fun!